Scenario (disambiguation)

Scenario may refer to:
* Scenario, a brief description of an event
* Screenplay, in movies
* Scenario (computing), a typical interaction between the user and the system or between two software components
* Scenario analysis, a process of analysing possible future events by considering alternative possible outcomes
* Scenario paintball, a variant of the game of paintball
* Scenario planning, a strategic planning method that some organisations use to make flexible long-term plans
* Scenario test, a test based on a hypothetical story used to help a person think through a complex problem or system
* Kingmaker scenario, in a game of three or more players, an endgame situation where a losing player, him- or herself unable to win, has the capacity to determine which player among others is the winner
* User scenario, used to communicate an idea for a product or experience involving interactivity
*Scenario (A Tribe Called Quest), a 1992 song by hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest

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