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Data exchange languages are formal languages specifically designed to support the communication of data and metadata. There are two kinds of data exchange languages: Markup languages work with embedded data structuring mark-up, while data model based languages apply pre-defined standardised data models. Examples of the first category languages include JSON, YAML. Examples of the second category are the ISO STEP application protocols (ISO 10303) and ISO 13584 with dedicated fixed data models and ISO 10303-221, ISO 15926 and the Gellish language with flexible multi-purpose data models. The latter two combine a generic data model where the domain specific concepts are defined in an extensible accompanying dictionary (or vocabulary) of concepts in which the concepts are arranged in a taxonomy.

Programming languages such as REBOL and JavaScript also provide direct support for the exchange of data.

Some languages suitable for data exchange, such as XML and REBOL, support dialecting, the definition of domain-specific sublanguages.

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