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Route planning software is a computer software programme, designed to plan a route between two geographical locations using a journey planning engine, typically specialised for Road networks as a road route planner. Many online mapping sites offer road route planning as an adjunct.

Microsoft Streets & Trips (known as Microsoft AutoRoute in Europe) is one of the best known Road route planning software applications. Although as route planning software is prone to mistakes if you try to get directions from destination A to B, the use of common sense is also required. Applications can typically also calculate the journey time and cost, some also display points of interest along the route.

Route planning is notoriously difficult, and this software is famously prone to comical errors. Some are understandable, such as directing people via central London (impassable for much of the day, but to realise this requires local knowledge); others are less easy to credit:
* From Southampton to Portsmouth, avoiding motorways in early AutoRoute versions, the route went via the Isle of Wight, involving two ferry crossings.Fact|date=June 2007
* From Haverfordwest to Leominster in AutoRoute 2002, the route offered is via Dún Laoghaire, also involving two crossings, this time of the Irish Sea, a journey requiring in excess of one day of travel. To drive direct takes a few hours.Fact|date=June 2007
* According to The Times on 22 November 2005, the RAC's route planner suggests a route from the East Midlands to Devon via Ireland and France, a journey involving three ferry trips.

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*Travel technology
* Route planner
* Journey Planner

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