The Nation (disambiguation)

The Nation (disambiguation)

The Nation may refer to:

In publications:
* "The Nation", a currently published liberal United States magazine founded in 1865.
* "The Nation (newspaper)", a currently published English language newspaper in Pakistan, founded in 1940.
* "The Nation" (Irish newspaper), a former Irish Nationalist newspaper founded by Thomas Davis and Charles Gavan Duffy in the 1840s.
* "The Nation" (Thailand), a currently published English language newspaper in Thailand.
* "The Nation" (UK weekly), a former liberal left weekly in the United Kingdom, which was merged into the "New Statesman" in 1931.
* "The Daily Nation", an independent newspaper of Kenya

* The Nation, Ontario, a township in Ontario, Canada

* The Nation of Islam is frequently referred to in this way by members.
* The Nation of Domination was a stable that used to exist in the WWF.
* "The Nation" (TV series), an Australian comedy series.
* The Nations (video game) a Real Time Strategy game by JoWood.

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