Auxiliary Medical Service

name = Auxiliary Medical Services

motto =
established = 1950
staffing = 3,300 members
strength = 4418
stations = 18
engines =
trucks = 6
squads =
rescues =
EMSunits =
FirstResponderBLSorALS =
chief = Dr. Chan Yiu-wing.
commissioner = Dr. Lam Ping-yan, JP

Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) (zh-t|t=醫療輔助隊) is a well-trained, committed voluntary medical and health services provider in Hong Kong. Its mission is to supply effectively and efficiently regular services to maintain the health and well-being of people in Hong Kong.

Major events

AMS was officially formed in 1950 with 2000 volunteers. As of 2007, number of volunteers grown to 4418. [ [ Auxiliary Medical Service ] ] It was involved in major accidents and events in Hong Kong like the Shek Kip Mei fire in 1953, Typhoon Wendy in 1962 and landslides caused by heavy rainstorms in 1972. It also served during SARS in Hong Kong in 2003 and 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Normally, it sends out volunteers to fireworks display, marathon, and major events.

In 1983, AMS became an independent government operation branch under the Security Department of the Government Secretariat.

A public hotline for enquiry about the services of AMS and a Non-Emergency Ambulance Transport team were set up in 1995 and 1996 respectively. The Youth Ambassador Scheme has also been implemented in 1997 with the objectives to encourage young people to have a healthy lifestyle and promote a sense of civic duties.


A list of vehicles used in the past and present:

* Mercedes-Benz E-310 ambulances GER
* Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316CDI light ambulance GER
* BMW R 850 RT bike GER
* Honda CBX750
* bicycles - first aid unit



** Wing 1
** Wing 2

Wing are further divided in to operating Regions:

* Hong Kong
* Kowloon East
* Kowloon West
* New Territories East
* New Territories WestStaff: 3,300 uniformed members

ee also

Hong Kong's Disciplined Services
*Hong Kong Police Force
*Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force
*Hong Kong Fire Services Department
*Correctional Services Department
*Customs and Excise Department
*Immigration Department
*Government Flying Service
*Civil Aid Service


External links

* [ AMS official homepage]
* [ Hong Kong Disciplined Services Collectibles]

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