NWA North American Tag Team Championship

NWA North American Tag Team Championship
Current champion(s) Team Mega (Ashton Amhurst & James Ross)[1]~CROSSMAN555
Date won April 11, 2009
Promotion National Wrestling Alliance
Date established 1997
Other name(s)
  • MCW North American Tag Team Championship

The NWA North American Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling tag team championship that is currently used and defended in various territories throughout the National Wrestling Alliance.[2] This is the fifth NWA sanctioned championship to bear this name. Unlike its predecessors, each of which was only used in a specific territory, this title is defended in NWA territories throughout the world in much the same way as the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Also, as with the NWA World Tag Team Championship, the title is ultimately controlled by the NWA Board of Directors and title changes occur only when a majority of the board votes to do so. Originally, the championship was called the MCW North American Tag Team Championship and was defended in Music City Wrestling based out of Nashville, Tennessee.


Title history

MCW North American Tag Team Championship

Wrestlers: Reigns together: Date: Place: Notes:
The Centerfolds 1
Thrillbilly & Shane Eden 1 November 27, 1997 Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee Volunteers (Reno Riggins & Steven Dunn) 1 January 27, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee
Ladies Night Out (Frenchy Riviera & Shane Eden) 1 February 21, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee Volunteers 2 February 28, 1998 Lebanon, Tennessee Stripped on March 21, 1998 for attacking the promoter.
Limited Edition (Nick Dinsmore & Rob Conway) 1 April 4, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee Defeat Tennessee Volunteers, Ladies Night Out and Rock'n'Roll Express in a four-way match; vacant in May, 2005 when Dinsmore is injured.
Steven Dunn & Rex King 1 May 30, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee Defeat Chris Michaels & Shane Eden.
Tennessee Volunteers 3 May 30, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee Reno Riggins & Dunn attack King; Riggins takes King's place on the team. Renamed NWA North American Tag Team Championship soon after.

NWA North American Tag Team Championship

Wrestlers: Reigns together: Date: Place: Notes:
Ringlords (Speedy Gonzales & Rick Slagle) 1 1998 Vacant in 98.
MCW Blacksheep (Wolfie D & Flash Flanagan) 1 August 1, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee Volunteers (Reno Riggins and Steven Dunn) 4 August 29, 1998 Nashville, Tennessee Held up after a match against Australians (Bill Dundee & Ashley Hudson) on February 5, 1999 in Nashville, TN.
Tennessee Volunteers 5 February 6, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee Defeat Australians in rematch.
Brian Christopher & Spellbinder 1 February 20, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee
Tennessee Volunteers 6 March 25, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee Vacated in May 1999 in order to concentrate on the NWA World Tag Team Titles.
Ladies Night Out 2 June 5, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee Defeated Christian York & Joey Matthews to win the titles.
Chris Michaels & Bart Sawyer 1 July 3, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee Vacant in August 1999.
Air Paris & Cassidy O'Reilly 1 August 14, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee Defeated Ashley Hudson & Corey Williams to win the vacated titles.
New South (Ashley Hudson & Cory Williams) 1 November 27, 1999 Nashville, Tennessee Titles were awarded.
Air Paris & Big Bully Douglas 1 April 14, 2000 Hopkinsville, Kentucky Vacated in September 2000 when the team splits up.
James Storm & Shane Eden 1 February 10, 2001 Nashville, Tennessee Wins a tournament. Titles vacated on February 15, 2001 and become inactive.
New Orleans Fight Club (Kevin Northcutt & John Saxon 1 August 14, 2004 Jackson, Mississippi Defeated Skeeter Frost & Sal Rinauro in a 4-team tournament final.
Tribal Force (Tim Warcloud & Tejas) 1 April 16, 2005 Ponca City, Oklahoma
Chris Escobar & Shane Falco 1 October 8, 2005 Nashville, Tennessee Defeated Warlcoud & Daron Smythe, subbing for Tejas, at the NWA 57th Anniversary Show.
U.N. of Devastation (Bad News Johnson & Drake Tungsten) 1 October 22, 2005 Roanoke, Virginia Defeated Escobar & Frank Parker, subbing for Falco.
Scotty Blaze & Scotty Rocker 1 November 18, 2006 Danville, Virginia
Old School Empire (Mike Booth & Preston Quinn) 1 August 12, 2007 Charlotte, North Carolina
The Wrong Crowd (Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas) 1 January 19, 2008 Ahoskie, North Carolina
Brandon K & Sterling James Keenan 1 September 6, 2008 McKeesport, Pennsylvania Defeated The Wrong Crowd (Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas).
Brandon K & Crusher Hansen 1 February 28, 2009 McKeesport, Pennsylvania Defeated Brandon K for Sterling's half of the title.
Excellence Personified (Brandon K & Scottie Gash) 1 April 11, 2009 McKeesport, Pennsylvania Defeated Crusher Hansen and James Ross to reunify the titles.
Team MEGA (Ashton Amherst & James Ross)[3] 1 May 22, 2010 McKeesport, Pennsylvania

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