Infobox musical artist 2
Name = nobodyknows+
Origin = Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Genre = J-pop, Hip-hop
Years_active = 1999-Present
Label = onenation, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Current_members = HIDDEN FISH
crystal boy
Yasu Ichiban
Nori da Funky Shibire-sasu
Past_members = G-ton

nobodyknows+ is a J-pop group. Their sound is a mix of funk, jazz, dance, rock, and especially hip-hop.


nobodyknows+ debuted in 2003 on the Sony Music Associated Records label.

They have released several hit CD singles which include "Kokoro Odoru", a song that was used for the ending theme for the popular anime TV series "SD Gundam Force" and included in the Nintendo DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. They released their critically acclaimed first album "Do you know?" in June 2004 and debuted at number one on the Japanese Oricon charts, a rare accomplishment for hip-hop groups in Japan. [] In 2005, the group wanted to help aspiring local artists, so they organized the NAGOYA MUSIC EXPO in September. The event brought in around 10,000 people. In November 2005, nobodyknows+ released their second album titled "5MC&1DJ". The album featured their smash hit "Shiawase Nara Te o Tatakō" which was used as the theme song for the Japanese release of Kung Fu Hustle. The group kept in public eye in 2006 with a national tour in February as they performed in every prefecture in Japan, which had not been previously done before by a hip-hop group. [] The tour was captured and released in November as a DVD and Blu-ray release titled "nobodyknows+ Tour 2006 "5MC&1DJ" - Kuribo no Menkui Dochu Hizakurige".

The group performed their first overseas concert at Tokyo Night 2007 on 24 March in Long Beach, California, bringing their style of hip-hop/pop fusion to a U.S. audience. The group’s recent single "Hero’s Come Back!!" was chosen as the first opening theme for the anime TV series “”.



* HIDDEN FISH - Born 21 July, 1979
* crystal boy - Born 4 July, 1977
* Yasu Ichiban - Born 29 November, 1978
* Nori da Funky Shibire-sasu - Born 20 August, 1980
* DJ MITSU - Born 12 March, 1972


G-ton - Born 22 January, 1975

Notable Dates

* 1999 - g-ton, DJ MITSU, and crystal boy formed "nobodyknows" in Nagoya
* 29 August, 2000 - the album "nobody knows" is released, ranking 4th on HMV on Nagoya
* 5 May, 2001 - "nobodyknows2" is released, ranking 19th on "Oricon Indies Chart"
* 1 April, 2007 - nobodyknows+ member g-ton ends his performance in the band
* 22 August 2007 - nobodyknows+ release their 3rd full album, "Vulgarhythm", two years after their second one.



*'nobody knows3' (19 February 2003)
# Nijūichi Seiki Kishu
# Ieie ~Erabete Aru Koto no Kōkotsu to Fuan to Futatsu Ware ni Ari~
# Theme from nobody knows pt.4
# Next Batter's Circle
# Sentimental Bass
*nihongo|'Irai Zecchō'|以来絶頂| (27 August 2003)
# intro
# Irai Zecchō
# Taiyou to Shōnen (feat. Dankan)
# Theme from nobody knows pt.5 ~Yoromeki~
*nihongo|'Susumidasu→'|ススミダス→| (19 November 2003)
# Susumidasu→
# innocent word
# Rash (feat. coba)
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.6
# Enokorogusa ~coba_strumental~
*nihongo|'Poron'|ポロン| (25 February 2004)
# Poron
# Sakura Spring Field Version
# Poron -instrumental-
# Sakura Spring Field Version -instrumental-
*nihongo|'Kokoro Odoru'|ココロオドル| (26 May 2004)
# Kokoro Odoru -original version-
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.7
# Ore la Ryū ~dreamin' day~
# Kokoro Odoru -instrumental version-
*nihongo|'Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakō / T.R.U.E.'|シアワセナラテヲタタコウ/T.R.U.E. (13 January 2005)
# Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakō
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.8
# T.R.U.E.
*nihongo|'Mebae'|メバエ (27 April 2005)
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.10
# Mebae
# Magnum Ima Ike ☆彡
# Mebae -instrumental-
*nihongo|'El Mirador ~Tenbōdai no Uta~'|エル・ミラドール~展望台の唄~ (6 July 2005)
# El Mirador ~Tenbōdai no Uta~
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.11
# @ the same time
# El Mirador ~Tenbōdai no Uta~ -instrumental-
*'Dō yo?' (どうよ?) (19 October 2005)
# Dō yo?
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.12
# Natsu no Kakera
# Dou yo? -instrumental-
*'Hero's Come Back!!' (25 April 2007)
# Hero's Come Back!!
# Ca Latte
# Oh Happy Days
# Hero's Come Back!! -instrumental-
*'Under Rain'


*'Kokoro Odoru (Analoge Record) (2 June 2004)
# Kokoro Odoru -original version-
# Kokoro Odoru -instrumental version-
# Kokoro Odoru -a cappella-
# Ore la Ryuu ~dreamin' day~
# Ore la Ryuu ~dreamin' day~ -instrumental version-
# Ore la Ryuu ~dreamin' day~ -a cappella-
*'Do You Know?' (30 June 2004)
# Innocent Word
# Irai Zecchou -album mix-
# Susumidasu→
# Nettaiya
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.9
# Kokoro Odoru -original version-
# Taiyou to Shounen (feat. Dankan)
# Rash (feat. coba)
# understan'? (Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.0)
# Nijuuichi Seiki Kishu -album mix-
# Poron
# Sentimental Bass
# slow down
# Ieie ~Erabete Aru Koto no Koukotsu to Fuan to Futatsu Ware ni Ari~
*'El Mirador ~Tenboudai no Uta~ (Analoge Record - Kanzen Seisan Gentei Ban) (6 July 2005)
# El Mirador ~Tenboudai no Uta~
# El Mirador ~Tenboudai no Uta~ -instrumental-
# El Mirador ~Tenboudai no Uta~ -a cappella-
# @ the same time
# @ the same time -instrumental-
# Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.11
*'5MC & 1DJ' (2 November 2005)
# Intro ~5MC+1DJ~(Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.13)
# Dou yo?
# T.R.U.E. (album version)
# Yado Nashi
# Shiawase Nara Te wo Tatakou
# Natsu no Kakera
# Kiseki ni Kanpai
# Hello! (Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.14)
# Mebae
# El Mirador ~Tenboudai no Uta~
# My Life (Theme from nobodyknows+ pt.15)
# Sweet Soul Music
*'Vulgarhythm' (22 August 2007)
# Exceed Man's Theme
# Boys Are Runnin'
# Hero's Come Back!!
# Kakkowarui Zon part 1
# Memory Glass
# Kakkowarui Zon part 2
# Gimme Gimme
# Kakusenai Ashita wo Tsurete (Milk Crown Bootleg Mix) feat. Kurahashi Yoeko
# Kakkowarui Zon part 3
# Sukidaze, Mary
# Onaji Hoshi wo Miteiru
# Smilin'
# Key of Life
# All Ways -Many Rivers Crossed-
# go my way (feat. JUJU)
# Exceed Man's Theme (Reprise)

External links

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* [ J!-ENT article on nobodyknows+ performance at Tokyo Night 2007]
* [ J!-ENT interviews nobodyknows+ - 2007]

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