Zurn Industries, LLC. is a for-profit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania which manufactures plumbing products for the commercial sector, including valves, faucets, drainage systems, and heating-conduit.


Zurn Industries, LLC was founded in 1900 in Erie, Pennsylvania by J.A. Zurn. [http://zurn.com/pages/aboutzurn.asp] . Originally, it produced a patented [http://www.zurn.com/pages/catalog.asp?ProductGroupID=78&OperationID=14 backwater valve] , Zurn has worked faithfully throughout the past century to expand its product offering. Today, Zurn now manufactures the largest breadth of plumbing products in the industry. This commitment to the plumbing industry has made Zurn the leader in its field. To spur this growth, Zurn Industries has consistently followed a mandate of making strategic acquisitions and, more importantly, of internally developing synergistic products that serve the plumbing industry and it now manufactures and distributes one of the largest plumbing products packages in the world.

It changed its name to Zurn Industries, LLC and became a private company when it was [http://www.rexnord.com/press_room/repository/PR_0034.pdf acquired] by [http://www.rexnord.com/ Rexnord, LLC] from Jacuzzi Brands in February, 2007.


Zurn manufactures the following brands of products:

* The Zurn [http://www.zurn.com/operations/wilkins/pages/home.asp Specification Drainage Operation] , previously known as the Hydromechanics Division, has been in business since 1900. In fact, a patented backflow valve was the very first product manufactured by the company that was the foundation of Zurn Industries, LLC.
** Today Zurn Specification Drainage Operation is a leading producer of water and wastewater control products for the commercial, industrial and institutional building construction industry. Zurn products are highly engineered and manufactured to meet all ANSI standards and are specified by architects, engineers, plumbing contractors and wholesalers involved in non-residential construction. The extensive resources of the Zurn Specification Drainage Operation include an automated gray-iron foundry capable of producing Class 25-30 castings to l00 pounds and pouring up to 60 tons per day.

* The Zurn [http://www.zurn.com/operations/aquaflushsense/pages/home.asp Commercial Brass Operation] consists of a flush valve production facility, established in 1980, and a faucet manufacturing facility which began production in 1995.
** Zurn Commercial Brass products are designed for non-residential commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Typical installations include office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, sports facilities, convention centers, shopping malls, restaurants and industrial production buildings.
* [http://www.zurn.com/operations/commercialtubeandsupply/pages/home.asp Tubular Brass Plumbing Products] , formerly known as the Sanitary-Dash Manufacturing Co., Inc., was founded in 1922 and acquired by Zurn Industries, LLC. in 1995. This acquisition of one of the nation's leading specialty manufacturers of brass and plastic plumbing products is the latest addition to the Zurn light commercial and residential plumbing product line.
** Tubular Brass Plumbing Products offers a comprehensive and complementary group of component plumbing accessories including traps, strainers and plug cleanouts, bath and continuous wastes, standard and braided stainless steel supply kits and related items.
* [http://www.zurn.com/operations/aquaspec/pages/home.asp AquaSpec Commercial Faucets] manufacturing facility which began production in 1995, are designed for non-residential commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Typical installations include office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, sports facilities, convention centers, shopping malls, restaurants and industrial production buildings.
* [http://www.zurn.com/operations/wilkins/pages/home.asp Wilkins Water Control Systems] , a Zurn Company, has been supplying quality water control products to the marketplace since 1906. Products include backflow preventers, pressure regulators, and a variety of other support products. Originally based out of Mr. James Wilkins’ 200 square foot garage in Los Angeles, Wilkins has grown from this humble beginning to a 162,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Paso Robles, CA, with over 200 employees producing high quality water control products, and is now part of the Rexnord family of companies. We would like to thank all of our customers that enjoy and appreciate our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service – the foundation of our success over the last 100 years. This dedication to the customer is our foundation and we look forward to serving you in our second century and beyond!

* The [http://www.zurn.com/operations/lightcommercial/pages/home.asp Zurn Light Commercial Operation] formerly known as Jonespec was acquired by Zurn Industries, LLC. in 1994. It produces PVC, ABS, brass and cast iron specialty plumbing products to wholesalers serving the light commercial and residential user.
** From an original product offering of roof drains, floor drains, cleanouts, grease interceptors and water hammer arrestors, ZLC has grown its line to include items such as trap seal primers, air gaps, laundry tubs and shower floors not to mention a redesign of factory tested and code standard hydrants.
* [http://www.zurn.com/operations/flothru/pages/home.asp Flo-Thru Trench Drainage Products]

* The Zurn Specification Drainage Operation, which includes [http://www.zurn.com/operations/corrosive/pages/home.asp Chemical Drainage Systems] , previously known as the Hydromechanics Division, manufactures a variety of drainage and water control products that conform to A.N.S.I. standards. Zurn products are frequently specified by architects, mechanical engineers and plumbing contractors, and are sold into the non-residential commercial, industrial, and institutional construction markets. Consistent with its commitment to the plumbing industry, it was a natural progression for Zurn to enter the corrosive waste drainage market.
** The Zurn Chemical Drainage System was developed with contributions from all segments of the plumbing and plastic industries. Zurn drew upon the vast expertise of professional industry consultants, Zurn engineers, contractors, distributors, and sales personnel. In addition, Zurn partnered with a leading academic and research institution in the field of plastic technology. Zurn Chemical Drainage pipe and fittings are produced in North America at a company owned and operated facility. This facility has been operating in the plastics industry for three decades.
* [http://www.zurn.com/operations/pexrh/pages/home.asp PEX Plumbing Systems and PEX Radiant Heating Systems]
* [http://www.zurn.com/operations/castmetals/pages/home.asp Cast Metal Products]

* Zurn's [http://www.zurn.com/operations/ecovantage/pages/home.asp Water Conservation EcoVantage Products] series provides a mix of innovative LEED/ Green listed products including water-free urinals, 1/8 gallon ultra low flow urinals, high efficiency (HET) pressure-assist toilets and 1.28 ultra low flow flush valve fixtures. Lavatories can be installed with self-generating sensor faucets, metering faucets, and low flow pressure compensating aerators that deliver the same level of performance as traditional fittings with minimal water consumption. These products can be installed for new construction or retrofitted to existing installations to lower building costs and provide long-term savings.
** Buildings can be updated to the latest Zurn sensor washroom technology that reduces bacteria transfer and increases restroom hygiene. Our AquaSense line of flush valves and sensor faucets provides battery or hardwire solutions. Zurn's sensor technology is reliable and provides building owners with a variety of application choices.
** Zurn EcoVantage fixture systems can be easily configured. A custom designed, internet-based computer modeling program allows the user to quickly mix and match components depending on need and performance requirements. The user can register by contacting your local Zurn sales representative for access authorization. The program enables a user to configure the fixture and brass components to meet specific design applications. The program incorporates an internal mapping system that minimizes component pairing errors and assists in creating the perfect fixture system for your building.

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* [http://www.zurn.com/ Zurn's Official Website]

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