Love (disambiguation)

Love is an intense feeling of affection.

Love may also refer to:

Film and television

* "Love" (1919 film), starring Fatty Arbuckle
* "Love" (1927 film), an adaptation of Anna Karenina starring Greta Garbo
* "Love" (1971 film), directed by Károly Makk
* "Love" (1991 film), starring Salman Khan
* "Love" (2008 Indonesian film), directed by Kabir Bhatia
* "Love" (2008 Bengali film), by Indian director Riingo Bannerjee
* "Love" ("Death Note" episode)


* "Love" (1973 song), from the Disney film "Robin Hood"
* "Love" (John Lennon song)
* "Love" (Keyshia Cole song)
* "Love" (Musiq Soulchild song)
* "Love" (Sonic Dream Collective song)
* "L.O.V.E." (Ashlee Simpson song)
* "Love", by Benzino on the album "Redemption
* "Love", by Petra on the album "Beyond Belief"
* "Love", by The Smashing Pumpkins on the album "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness"
* "Love", by Lostprophets on the single "A Town Called Hypocrisy"
* "Love (Can Make You Happy)", by Mercy
* "Love?", by Karl Broderick
* "Love?", by Strapping Young Lad
* "L-O-V-E", by Nat King Cole


* "Love" (Aztec Camera album)
* "Love" (Edyta Bartosiewicz album)
* "Love" (The Beatles album)
* "Love" (Kelly Chen album)
* "Love" (The Cult album)
* "Love" (DramaGods album)
* "Love" (Foetus Album)
* "Love" (Love album)
* "Love" (Mika Nakashima album)
* "Love" (Sesame Street album)
* "Love" (Thalía album)
* "L.O.V.E" (album)


* Love (footballer)
* Airrion Love, member of the Stylistics
* Augustus Edward Hough Love, mathematician
* Bessie Love, actress
* Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, poet
* Courtney Love, musician and actress
* Darris Love, actor
* Davis Love III, golfer
* George H. Love, American businessperson
* George M. Love, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
* Jeff Love, musician
* Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress
* Mike Love, singer
* Nick Love, film director and writer
* Rico Love, rapper
* Vágner Love, footballer
* Dude Love or Mick Foley, entertainer

Fictional characters

* Love ("Bleach"), a character in "Bleach" media
* Donald Love, a character in the "Grand Theft Auto" universe
* Foxxy Love, a character in the "Drawn Together" universe
* Love-chan, a character created by Ai Otsuka


* Love (crater)
* Love, Saskatchewan
* Love County, Oklahoma
* LOVE Park (JFK Plaza), Philadelphia
* Dallas Love Field, airport


* "Love" (Angela Carter novel)
* "Love" (Toni Morrison novel)

Other uses

* Love (band)
* Love (Cirque du Soleil), theatrical production
* LOVE (Sculpture)
* Love Records
* Love wave
* LOVE or Linguistics of Visual English
* A score of zero in tennis or badminton

ee also

* Term of endearment
* The Love Bug
* "Love Story" (novel)
* I Love You (disambiguation)
* Love You (disambiguation)
* True love (disambiguation)

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