PID stands for a number of things, including those mentioned below.


*Prolapsed intervertebral disc, commonly called a "herniated disc"
*Primary immune deficiency
*Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (or Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder), an infection and inflammation of the female uterus, fallopian tubes, and/or ovaries


*Project Initiation Document defines all major aspects of the project and forms the basis for its management and the assessment of overall success


*Photoionization detector
*Process identifier, a number used by Unix kernels and Windows operating systems to identify a process
*Personal Identifiers, a subset of PII data elements that identify a unique individual and can permit another person to “assume” that individual’s identity without their knowledge or consent.
*Portable Information Device
*PID controller, a control concept used in automation. (Proportional/Integral/Derivative)
*Piping and instrumentation diagram, a technical diagram showing all (or a part of) pipelines, instruments, valves, etc., of a process plant
*Process and instrumentation diagram
*Passive Infrared Detector, a PIR-based motion detector
*Personal Integrating/Indicating Dosemeter, a type of dosimeter for personal use
*Packet Identifier


*Protective Intelligence Division, a part of the United States Secret Service
*Police Intelligence Department, a staff department of the Singapore Police Force
*Political Intelligence Department, a British clandestine body created to produce and disseminate propaganda during WWII


*"Packet ID", used to identify audio/video streams in DVB "Digital Video Broadcasting"
*Pathways Into Darkness, a 1993 video game by Bungie Studios
* Parameter ID, in automotive repair, PIDs are requests for data through an OBD connector
*Paul Is Dead, a rumor in the 1960s that led fans to believe that Paul McCartney was actually dead
*Physician Induced Demand
*Principal ideal domain, in abstract algebra, an integral domain in which every ideal is principal
*"Poverty, Ignorance and Disease", cite in "None Dare Call it a Conspiracy" by Gary Allen.

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