Polarization (disambiguation)

Polarization or polarisation of transverse waves describes the orientation of oscillations in the plane perpendicular to the wave's direction of travel.

Polarization or polarisation can also refer to:

In the physical sciences:
*Polarization density, the vector field that results from permanent or induced electric dipole moments in a material
*Spin polarization, the degree by which the spin of elementary particles is aligned to a given direction

In mathematics:
*Polarization of an Abelian variety, in the mathematics of complex manifolds
*Polarization of an algebraic form, a technique for expressing a homogeneous polynomial in a simpler fashion by adjoining more variables

In the social sciences:
*Polarization (politics), the process by which the public opinion divides and goes to the extremes
*Polarization (psychology), the process whereby a social or political group is divided into opposing sub-groups
* Racial polarization, the process whereby a population with varyingly diverse ancestry is divided into distinct, homogenous racial groups

ee also

*Polarity (disambiguation)
*Polarizer, a device which polarizes light
*Depolarization and hyperpolarization of neuronal membrane potentials (in neuroscience).
*, for articles about polarization of light and other electromagnetic waves
*Polarization in astronomy

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