Ductal is a proprietary pre-mixed ultra-high performance concrete whose physical characteristics exceed those of common concrete used in the construction of buildings. It is manufactured by Lafarge and Bouygues. Ductal has high compressive strength and flexural resistance compared to other concretes. It also has high durability, abrasion resistance, and chemical/environmental resistances (e.g. freeze and thaw, salt water, etc.). Due to these properties, Ductal can be used in thinner cross-sections and in more varied applications than common concrete. Ductal is almost self placing and is best suited for precast elements or in-situ repair or upgrade works. The constituents of Ductal are cement, fine sand, silica fume and silica flour as a filler, additive and water, using a low water cement ratio and may include high-strength steel fibres or non-metallic fibres.

Ductal is a ductile material that possesses ultra high compressive strength, high tensile strength and high durability together with high fatigue performance. It also has excellent impact, blast and abrasion resistance. The type and quantities of special materials used in Ductal result in a superior material that can provide innovative and valuable solutions for a wide range of applications; it is not a replacement for ordinary concrete in applications that do not exploit its unique properties and requires performance engineering.

Ductal Properties
Compressive Strength typically 160-230 MPa... compressive strength in excess of 750 MPa recorded (see: Cyclic loading and Fracture Mechanics of Ductal concrete, Ehab Shaheen and Nigel G. Shrive, Springer Science+Business Media B.V.2008, Published online: 8 April2008)
Flexural Strength 30-50 MPa
Young's Modulus (E) 55-60 MPa
Density 2.45-2.55 t / m3

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