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Gage Blackwood is the name of the protagonist in "The Journeyman Project" series of computer games. These computer games are first-person adventure games, and among the first such to be released on compact discs (CDs.)

Blackwood is Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Annex (later Temporal Security Agency) who is charged with using time machines only to guard history from people who would use time machines to damage history.

In the first "Journeyman Project" game, the character was only addressed as "Agent 5" and was not represented by an actor. Todd McCormick played Gage in the remake of the first game, ', and in '. In "", Blackwood was played by Jerry Rector.

Early life

On June 22, 2311 he graduated from the University of Melbourne with a master's degree in world history with honors. On June 25, 2313 he graduated at the top of his class from the Special Forces Training Academy. Five days later he became the director of Tactical Teams for the Crime Intervention Commission. On March 12 of 2315 he transferred to the Temporal Security Annex of the CIC. Gage received the Paragon Medal for his performance in the line of duty on November 8, 2318, and on December 17 of that same year he was promoted to the rank of Captain of the Temporal Protectorate. He was later chosen to form and head the Deep Time Unit on July 1, 2325.

Later life

The first game sees Gage Blackwood on the verge of being fired for persistent tardiness, ironic for a time travel agent. [The Journeyman Project In-Game Sequence: Initial entry to the Temporal Security Annex] For most of the game, Blackwood is pursuing a man who is meddling with history, Elliot Sinclair. After successfully preventing the apparently xenophobic Sinclair from assassinating a Cyrollan ambassador, Agent Blackwood receives the Paragon Medal of Virtue.The Journeyman Project Endgame Victory Sequence]

In the second game, "The Journeyman Project 2: Buried In Time", he is betrayed by his friend and fellow agent, Michelle Visard, or Agent 3. She frames him for her espionage when she gives time-travel technology to an alien race known as the Krynn. Gage traveled back in time to his own past and had himself from the past travel through time to clear his name. Gage manages to stop Agent 3, and prevents the Krynn from using time travel to enhance their own evolution. []

Gage was aided by his friend Arthur, an artificial intelligence that he rescued from a derelict space station. Arthur sacrificed himself to save Gage from Agent 3. [ In-Game Sequence: Inside Agent 3's Base]

Arthur was finally able to return to Gage in "The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time", in which they prevented the alien Qou'thalas from acquiring the Legacy, incredibly powerful technology left behind by the Sosiqui. For this uncommon valor, he was offered the position of ambassador to the Qou'thalas, but was uncertain as to whether he should accept it. [ Ending Cinematic]


Significant Events In Gage's Life
"November 6, 2318" "September 15, 2319" "September 15, 2329" "November 6, 2329"
Gage arrests Elliot Sinclair, saving the Cyrollan Ambassador Manual] and earning the Paragon Medal of Valor.Gage is visited by himself from the future, and travels through time to clear the name of his future self.Gage is framed by Agent 3, returns to his own past, and is vindicated by himself from the past.Gage rediscovers Agent 3 and Arthur, and with their help prevent the Qou'thalas from plundering Earth of the Legacy.
"The Journeyman Project"""""


His hobbies are classic science fiction, history, abstract art, and Journeyman collectibles.


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