Lentigo maligna melanoma


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Lentigo maligna is a melanoma "in situ" that consists of malignant cells but does not show invasive growth. It typically progresses very slowly and can remain in a non-invasive form for years. The transition to true melanoma is marked by the appearance of a bumpy surface (itself a marker of vertical growth and invasion), at which point it is called lentigo maligna melanoma. It is normally found in the elderly (peak incidence in the 9th decade), on skin areas with high levels of sun exposure like the face and forearms.


Therapy of lentigo maligna consists of surgical excision (the best and most common solution) or radiotherapy (only in special cases). Topical treatment with imiquimod cream has recently been used as an experimental treatment.


Characteristics include a blue/black stain of skin initially. Skin is thin, about 4-5 cell layers thick, which is often related to aging. Histological features include epidermal atrophy and increased number of melanocytes.

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