EuroBasket 1949

EuroBasket 1949

The 1949 European Basketball Championship, commonly called Eurobasket 1949, was the sixth regional championship held by FIBA Europe. Seven national teams affiliated with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) took part in the competition. The competition was hosted by Egypt after the Soviet Union refused to host it, as was the Soviet's obligation as defending champion under FIBA Europe rules. Czechoslovakia, the silver medallist at Eurobasket 1947, had been the host that year, so was not asked to repeat hosting duties and those duties fell to bronze medallist Egypt.

The event took place in Cairo, with travel difficulties cited by many nations as the reason for not competing. Only four of the seven competing teams were European, and even this bare majority includes the transcontinental country of Turkey, which is considered part of Europe in international sport. FIBA Europe refers to the contest as "undoubtedly the weakest in the history of the competition," as only 3 of the 7 entrants had previously competed at any Eurobasket-level event.


The 1949 competition was in the same format as Eurobasket 1939. Each team played each of the other teams once. A win was worth 2 standings points, a loss worth 1. The rankings were based on those standing points.

Final standings

Match results

Team rosters

1.Egypt: Youssef Mohammed Abbas, Youssef Kamal Abouaouf, Fouad Abdelmeguid el-Kheir, Gabriel Armand "Gaby" Catafago, Nessim Salah el-Dine, Abdelrahman Hafez Ismail, Hussein Kamel Montasser, Mohammed Ali el-Rashidi, Wahid Chafik Saleh, Mohammed Mahmud Soliman, Albert Fahmy Tadros, Medhat Mohammed Youssef (Coach: Carmine "Nello" Paratore)

2.France: André Buffière, Robert Busnel, René Chocat, Jacques Dessemme, Maurice Desaymonnet, Louis Devoti, Jacques Favory, Fernand Guillou, Jean Perniceni, Jean-Pierre Salignon, Jean Swidzinski, André Vacheresse, Jacques Freimuller, Marc Quiblier (Coach: Robert Busnel)

3.Greece: Alekos Apostolidis, Stelios Arvanitis, Nikos Bournelos, Thanasis Kostopoulos, Giannis Lambrou, Fedon Mattheou, Nikos Nomikos, Missas Pantazopoulos, Nikos Skylakakis, Alekos Spanoudakis, Takis Taliadoros, Sokratis Apostolidis (Coach: Georgios Karatzopoulos)

4.Turkey: Huseyin Ozturk, Samim Gorec, Avram Barokas, Vitali Benazus, Hasim Tankut, Ali Uras, Mehmet Ali Yalım, Tevfik Tankut, Sacit Selduz, Erdogan Partener, Ayduk Koray, Candas Tekeli

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