Ananda Publishers

Ananda Publishers

Ananda Publishers ( _bn. আনন্দ পাবলিশার্স Anondo Publishers) is a large publishing group with head-quarters in Calcutta. It publishes numerous Bengali books by many renowned authors. It has one of the largest stalls in the Kolkata Book Fair, and is often awarded a prize for its stall.Fact|date=February 2007


The Anandabazar Patrika Limited, closely associated with Ananda Publishers, has the following newspaper dailies:
*"Ananda Bazar Patrika", published from Calcutta with 1,130,167 daily copies, has the largest circulation for a single-edition, regional language newspaper in India.cite web
url =
title = General Review
accessdate = 2006-09-01
publisher = Registrar of Newspapers for India
] Its last certified circulation was of 1.16 million and it has a readership of 7.2 millionFact|date=February 2007. It has won the top printing quality awards awarded by the IFRA.Fact|date=February 2007
*The Telegraph (Kolkata) is the largest English newspaper in East India.Fact|date=February 2007 It was the first newspaper in India to come with a sectionalised approach.Fact|date=February 2007


*Anandamela is the largest selling Bengali children's monthly magazineFact|date=February 2007. It also has a club for children.
*Unish-Kuri is a popular fortnightly magazine for teens and young adults in Bengali.
*Sananda is a magazine for empowering women. Aparna Sen, one of the best actors and directors of Indian Cinema in the last 50 years, has been editing Sananda from its inception.
*Anandalok A film magazine on Bollywood and Bengali movie celebrities.
*The Telegraph in Schools
*Desh has acted like a primer for Bengali literature and culture for many years. It is difficult to find a successful author in Bengali, who has never been connected to Desh in some manner. Desh gave birth to generations of poets and novelists, but what continues to keep Desh special, are its non-fiction articles and essays on topics of current, historical and cultural interest.
*Boiyer Desh
* Businessworld is India's largest selling business magazine.Fact|date=February 2007 It is renowned for its content and driven by its chief editor, Tony Joseph. The Annual BW Excellence Awards are a key event in the calendars of India Inc.

Television Channels

* Star Ananda, 24 hour Bengali news channel
* Star News, 24 hour English news channel, popular in Asia especially India.
* Star Maaja, 24 hour Marathi news channel


The House of Ananda awards the "Ananda Purashkar" every year to talented writers writing in Bengali.


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