Hoo is used in placenames in the east of England to indicate coastal peninsulas and promontories. It appears in:

* Fort Hoo, a fort on an island in the River Medway, Kent
* Hoo St Werburgh and Cliffe-at-Hoo on the Hoo peninsula in Kent
* Hoo, Suffolk
* Hundred of Hoo School, a secondary school in Rochester, Kent
* Hundred of Hoo Railway, a railway line on the Hoo peninsula in Kent
* Luton Hoo, a country house in Bedfordshire, England
* St Mary Hoo, a village and civil parish in Kent, England
* Hoo Peninsula, north Kent, England
* Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon cemetery, Suffolk
* Wan-Hoo, a lunar crater on the Moon's far side

Hoo is also used as a surname:

* Kho Ping Hoo (1926-1994), an Indonesian author of Chinese descent
* Sim Wong Hoo, CEO and Chairman of Creative Technology
* Baron Thomas Hoo (ca 1396-1455), member of the ancient "Hoo" or "de Hoo" family of England.

ee also

* Boo Hoo, an album by the Dark Cabaret/Darkwave artist Voltaire
* Hoo-Bangin' Records, an independent record label founded by rapper Mack 10
* International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo, and organization for people in the forests products industry
* Wah-hoo-wah, an Indian yell
* Woo Hoo, a joyful expression; also a song written by George Donald McGraw
* Yahoo (disambiguation)
* Yoo-hoo, an American chocolate-flavored beverage
* Yoo-Hoo (disambiguation)

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