Peel can refer to:


* Peel (Western Australia), a region south of Perth, Western Australia
* Peel, Belgium
* Regional Municipality of Peel, Ontario in Canada, (Peel County, Ontario until 1973)
* Peel (Montreal Metro), a metro station in Montreal, Canada
* Peel, Isle of Man
* Peel, Netherlands
* Peel, New South Wales, Australia
* Peel Sound, Nunavut, Canada


* Andrée Peel Member of French Resistance. Autobiography 'Miracles do Happen!' -Loebertas (Nov 1999)- (Translated by Evelyn Scott Brown -cf. 'Miracles Existent')
* David Peel, a New York based musician best known for the Lower East Side Band
* Emma Peel, Sixties icon from the television series The Avengers
* Dwayne Peel, rugby union player
* John Peel (disambiguation)
* Robert Peel (disambiguation)
* Thomas Peel
* Any of the Earls Peel


* Peel (fruit), the protective outer layer of fruits
* Skin, in general
* Peel tower, a fortified keep
* Peel (tool), a long handled tool used in baking
* Peel Manxcar, a microcar
* Peel P50, a type of microcar
* Peel Trident, another type of microcar
* Peel Viking Sport, a BMC Mini based car
* Peel Engineering Company, a manufacturing company
* Peel (software), a Mac application for listening to songs from MP3 blogs
* Peel (band), a Peek-A-Boo Records band from Austin, Texas
* Peel Group, also known as Peel Holdings, property company in the UK
* Electoral district of Peel, a former electorate of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly

ee also

* Peele (disambiguation)
* Peale

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