Rendezvous may refer to:

Meetings and gatherings

* A planned meeting between two or more parties
* A meeting between mountain men and fur buyers
* A meeting of buckskinners
* An annual festival organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


* Rendezvous (Plan 9), a system call in the Plan 9 operating system
* TIBCO Rendezvous, a software product related to enterprise application integration
* Virtual Rendezvous, an open software project
* "Bonjour" (software), a computer network technology
* A communication method of Ada (programming language)

Media and entertainment


* "Rendez-Vous", an album by Jean Michel Jarre
* "Rendezvous" (Sandy Denny album)
* "Rendezvous" (song), by Craig David
* "Rendez-Vous" (song), by Pas de Deux
* "Rendezvous," a song by Bruce Springsteen on the album "Tracks"
* "Rendez-vu," a song by Basement Jaxx on the album "Remedy"
* "Rendezvous", a song by Tilt
* "Rendezvous", an album by Christopher Cross

Other media

* "Rendez-vous" (film), a 1985 French drama
* "Rendezvous" (political cartoon)
* "Rendezvous" ("Prison Break" episode)
* "Rendezvous," a poem by Alan Seeger

Other meanings

* Rendezvous problem, a concept in game theory
* Rendezvous Society, a charitable organization
* Buick Rendezvous, an automobile
* Space rendezvous, a maneuver between two spacecraft

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