Machine (disambiguation)

Machine can refer to:
* Machine, a device that performs a task
* Rube Goldberg machine, an especially elaborate or complex device
* abstract machine
* Political machine, ex. Cook County Democratic Organization
* The Machine, a muscle car made by American Motors Corporation (AMC)
* The Machine, a University of Alabama coalition of fraternities and sororities
* The Machines (professional wrestling), a professional wrestling team in the 1980s
* Contact (novel), "The Machine" was the name of the fictional interstellar travel device in Carl Sagan's Contact series
*"Machines", a 1999 real-time strategy game for Windows


*Machine (band), an American disco music group
*Machine (album), an album by Static-X
*Machine (EP), an EP by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and also the title of a single from that EP
*Machines (or 'Back to Humans'), a 1984 song by Queen
*The Machine (Pink Floyd tribute band), a Pink Floyd cover/tribute band, named after the Floyd song "Welcome to the Machine"
*The Machine (song), an Angels and Airwaves song.
*Machines of Loving Grace, an industrial, post-punk band
*Machinery Records, a record label
*Machine (Artension album), an album by neo-classical progressive metal band Artension
*"Machines", a 2007 song by Biffy Clyro
*The Mean Machine (Rap group) composed of Puerto Ricans who rapped in both English and Spanish


*Machine (producer), an American music producer
* The Machine Nickname for Los Angeles Lakers player Sasha Vujacic

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