PGA is an initialism that can stand for:


* 3-phosphoglycerate, another name for glycerate 3-phosphate (often used when referring to the Calvin cycle)
* Poly glutamic acid, a polymer of the glutamic acid (one of standard amino acids)
* Polyglycolic acid, another name for polyglycolide
* Propylene glycol alginate, an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener used in food products
* Prostaglandin of the A type


* Perl Golf Apocalypse, a Perl coding competition
* Policy gradient algorithm
* Princial geodesic analysis
* Process global area
* Program global area


* Pin Grid Array, a type of packaging for integrated circuits
* Other names for Professional Graphics Controller, an IBM XT graphics card intended for the CAD market:
** Professional Graphics Adapter
** Professional Graphics Array
* Programmable Gain Amplifier, an amplifier whose gain can be changed during its operation
* Programmable Gate Array, a semiconductor device containing programmable logic components and programmable interconnects


* Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndromes, diseases in which multiple endocrine glands secrete insufficient or excess amounts of hormones


* Parliamentarians for Global Action, an international parliamentary group that engage in a range of action-oriented initiatives.
* Peoples' Global Action, a worldwide co-ordination of radical social movements
* Potato Growers of Alberta, a farmer's trade association in Alberta, Canada
* Producers Guild of America, an organization representing television producers, film producers and New media producers in the United States.
* Professional Golfers' Association (with or without the apostrophe), a usual term for a professional association in men's golf


* IATA airport code for the Page Municipal Airport
* Peak Ground Acceleration, measure of ground acceleration during an earthquake
* NYSE symbol for Personnel Group of America, Inc.
* Pure Grain Alcohol

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