United States Ambassador to the Organization of American States

The following is a list of people who have served as United States Ambassador to the Organization of American States, or the full title, "Representative of the United States of America to the Organization of American States, with the rank and status of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

NameYears servedOAS Secretary(ies) GeneralU.S. President(s)
William Dawson1948Alberto Lleras CamargoHarry S. Truman
Paul C. Daniels1948 – 1951Alberto Lleras CamargoHarry S. Truman
John C. Dreier1951 – 1960Alberto Lleras Camargo, Carlos Davila, José A. Mora Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower
deLesseps S. Morrison1961 – 1963José A. MoraJohn Kennedy
Ellsworth Bunker1964 – 1966José A. MoraLyndon Johnson
Sol M. Linowitz1966 – 1969José A. Mora, Galo PlazaLyndon Johnson
Joseph J. Jova1969 – 1974Galo PlazaRichard Nixon
William S. Mailliard1974 – 1977Galo Plaza, Alejandro OrfilaGerald Ford
Gale W. McGee1977 – 1981Alejandro OrfilaJimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan
J. William Middendorf1981 – 1985Alejandro Orfila, João Clemente Baena SoaresRonald Reagan
Richard Thomas McCormack1985 – 1989João Clemente Baena SoaresRonald Reagan
Luigi R. Einaudi1989 – 1993João Clemente Baena SoaresGeorge H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton
Harriet C. Babbitt1993 – 1997João Clemente Baena Soares, César GaviriaBill Clinton
Luis J. Lauredo2000 – 2001César GaviriaBill Clinton
Roger Francisco Noriega2001 – 2003César GaviriaGeorge W. Bush
John F. Maisto2003 – presentCésar Gaviria, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Luigi R. Einaudi (acting), José Miguel InsulzaGeorge W. Bush

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For additional information, see the U.S. Department of State's listing of U.S. ambassadors to the Organization of American States: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ho/po/com/12315.htm

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