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Caption = Coronal section through right talocrural and talocalcaneal joints. (Medial malleolus labeled at center left.)

Caption2 = Back of left lower extremity. (Medial malleolus labeled at bottom right.)
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The medial surface of the lower extremity of tibia is prolonged downward to form a strong pyramidal process, flattened from without inward - the medial malleolus.

* The "medial surface" of this process is convex and subcutaneous;

* its "lateral" or "articular surface" is smooth and slightly concave, and articulates with the talus;

* its "anterior border" is rough, for the attachment of the anterior fibers of the deltoid ligament of the ankle-joint;

* its "posterior border" presents a broad groove, the malleolar sulcus, directed obliquely downward and medialward, and occasionally double; this sulcus lodges the tendons of the Tibialis posterior and Flexor digitorum longus.

The "summit" of the medial malleolus is marked by a rough depression behind, for the attachment of the deltoid ligament.

ee also

* Ankle
* Bimalleolar fracture
* Lateral malleolus
* Posterior malleolus
* Trimalleolar fracture


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