Brachial artery

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Latin = arteria brachialis
GraySubject = 150
GrayPage = 589

Caption = The brachial artery.

Caption2 = Right upper limb, anterior view, brachial artery and elbow.
BranchFrom = axillary artery
BranchTo = Profunda brachii
Superior ulnar collateral artery
Inferior ulnar collateral artery

Vein = brachial vein
Supplies = biceps brachii muscle, triceps brachii muscle
MeshName = Brachial+Artery
MeshNumber = A07.231.114.139
The brachial artery is the major blood vessel of the upper arm.

It is a continuation of the axillary artery beyond the lower margin of teres major muscle. It continues down the ventral surface of the arm until it reaches the cubital fossa at the elbow. It then divides into the radial and ulnar arteries which run down the forearm. In some individuals, the bifurcation occurs much earlier and the ulnar and radial arteries extend through the upper arm.The pulse of the brachial artery is palpable on the anterior aspect of the elbow and, with the use of a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) often used to measure the blood pressure.


* Profunda brachii artery (also known as the deep brachial artery)
* Superior ulnar collateral artery
* Inferior ulnar collateral artery
* Radial artery (a terminal branch)
* ulnar artery (a terminal branch)
* humeral branches (a branches supply the humerus)important anastomotic networks of the elbow and (as the axillary artery) the shoulder.


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