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Img_capt = Say Hi performing at the Crocodile in Seattle
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Origin = Seattle, Washington
Years_active = 2002–present
Genre = Indie
Synth pop
lo-fi rock
Label = Euphobia Records
Current_members = Eric Elbogen
Westin Glass
Nouela Johnston
Sam Collins
Former_members = Chris Egan III
Jeff Sheinkopf

Say Hi, formerly Say Hi to Your Mom, [ Official website FAQ] ] is a Seattle-based, indie-pop/lo-fi rock group. Formed by Eric Elbogen in Brooklyn 2002, [Citation |last=Grose |first=Jessica |title=Say Hi To Your Mom |url= |publisher="Spin" |date=2005-06-08 |accessdate=2007-11-24] Say Hi To Your Mom's albums are mostly recorded at Elbogen's home, [Citation |last=Booth |first=Philip |title=The lineup for Tropical Heatwave 25 |url= |publisher="St. Petersburg Times" |date=2006-05-18 |accessdate=2007-11-24] with him playing a majority of the instruments and providing vocals. Elbogen records his music on a Windows machine which he built himself. [Citation |last=Steininger |first=Alex |title=Interview |url= |publisher="In Music We Trust" |date=April-May 2004 |accessdate=2007-11-24] [Citation |last=Hogan |first=Marc |title=Review |url= |publisher="Pitchfork Media" |date=2005-06-21 |accessdate=2007-11-24]


On tour, Elbogen relies mostly on synthesizers and drum machines, though occasionally friends accompany him as a band. In 2005 Elbogen enlisted Chris Egan III as drummer and Jeff Sheinkopf as keyboardist. Say Hi to Your Mom's record company Euphobia Records was created for the band to start to produce its own records. Though many consider this makes them "unsigned" they responded with "We stopped distinguishing between that sort of thing long ago, as should you. Just because you saw "Almost Famous" and read "Spin", doesn't mean you have a degree in music-industry-ology."

Their fourth release, "Impeccable Blahs", was written almost entirely about vampires, [Citation |last=Sanneh |first=Kelefa |title=Critics' Choice: New CD's |url= |publisher="New York Times" |date=2006-07-31 |accessdate=2007-11-24] [Citation |last=Ozga |first=Matthew |title=Review |url= |publisher="Prefix Magazine" |date=2006-08-15 |accessdate=2007-11-24] though Star Trek is also mentioned. [Citation |last=Howe |first=Brian |title=Review |url= |publisher="Pitchfork Media" |date=2006-08-10 |accessdate=2007-11-24] The song "Angels and Darlas" is a reference to Angel and Darla from the television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and its spinoff "Angel" both created by Joss Whedon.

With the release of their fifth album "The Wishes and the Glitch", the band shortened their name to "Say Hi." [Citation |last=Vermes |first=Krystle |title=Say Hi (To Your Mom): From Blahs to Wishes in 2008 |url= |publisher="Suffolk Voice" |date=2007-10-30 |accessdate=2007-11-24] This was done because the earlier name reflected an aesthetic that no longer matched the band's tastes.

The band has drawn comparisons to such disparate artists as Belle & Sebastian, The Beatles, The Strokes, Interpol and Gary Numan. [Citation |last=Armstrong |first=Gene |title=Rhythm & Views |url= |publisher="Tucson Weekly" |date=2004-02-12 |accessdate=2007-11-24] Elbogen's lyrics are noted as being one of the band's strengths. [Citation |last=Blake |first=Embo |title=Review |url= |publisher="Hybrid Magazine" |date= |accessdate=2007-11-24]


"Discosadness" (2002)

#The Fritz
#They Write Books About This Sort of Thing
#The Pimp and The Sparrow
#Kill The Cat
#Unless The Laker Game was On
#Pintsized Midnight Moonbeam Workers
#The Showdown in Goattown

"Numbers & Mumbles" (2004)

#Pop Music of the Future
#A Hit In Sweden
#Hooplas Involving Circus Tricks
#Let's Talk About Spaceships
#A Kiss to Make It Better
#But She Beat My High Score
#Your Brain Vs. My Tractorbeam
#I'm So Tired
#The Key of C

"Ferocious Mopes" (2005)

#The Twenty-Second Century
#The Death of Girl Number Two
#The Forest Scares the Hell Out of Me
#Yeah, I'm in Love With an Android
#I Think I'll Be a Good Ghost
#Dimensions and Verticals
#Recurring Motifs in Historical Flirtings
#Mosquitos in the Stucco
#Poor Pete Is a Bit Self Conscious
#As Smart as Geek Is Chic Right Now

"Impeccable Blahs" (2006)

#These Fangs
#Snowcones And Puppies
#Blah Blah Blah
#Sad, But Endearingly So
#She Just Happens To Date The Prince Of Darkness
#Prefers Unhappy Endings
#Angels And Darlas
#Not As Goth As They Say We Are
#Sweet Sweet Heartkiller
#The Reigning Champ Of The Teething Crowd

"The Wishes and the Glitch" (2008)

#Northwestern Girls
#Shakes Her Shoulders
#Toil And Trouble
#Back Before We Were Brittle
#Oboes Bleat And Triangles Tink
#Magic Beans And Truth Machines
#Zero To Love
#Apples For The Innocent
#We Lost The Albatross


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