Basketball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Basketball championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the top basketball competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The league is composed of 12 teams, each playing against the other eleven two times, home and away. After this portion concludes, the top six clubs are joined by the country's two representatives in the Adriatic League, KK Bosna and HKK Široki, [The leagues in Serbia and Slovenia also operate in a similar multi-stage system, with Serbia's Adriatic League representatives and Slovenia's Euroleague representative exempt from the first stage.] and enter "League 8". The best of these four teams go to the playoffs, and in the final best-of-five series, the Bosnian champion is crowned. The eight teams who do not make the playoffs go on to compete in the "relegation league," where a team's object becomes maintaining its standing and ability to play in the competition the following year. The women's league has ten clubs and operates in a similar way, with the top four teams joined by Željezničar and KK Jablanica in the final "League Six." Meanwhile, the six teams not in playoff contention play to avoid relegation.

Both leagues are operated by the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the end of the season in both leagues, the winners of two smaller league entities are invited to enter the next competition, while the bottom two teams (those that lost in relegation play) lose their places.

Teams for the 2006/2007 season

* Brotnjo, Čitluk
* Grude, Grude
* Hercegovac, Bileća
* Igokea, Aleksandrovac
* Leotar, Trebinje
* Posušje, Posušje
* Radnik, Bijeljina
* Slavija, Istočno Sarajevo
* Sloboda Dita, Tuzla
* Student, Tuzla
* Zenica Čelik, Zenica
* Zrinjski, MostarBosna and Široki are playing in the Adriatic League.

* Banovići, Banovići
* Borac, Banja Luka
* Brotnjo, Čitluk
* Čelik, Zenica
* Jedinstvo, Tuzla
* Mladi Krajišnik, Banja Luka
* Mladost, Banja Luka
* Rama, Prozor-Rama
* Spars, Sarajevo
* Zrinjski, MostarŽeljezničar and Jablanica are playing in the women's Adriatic League


Prior to 1998, there were three separate leagues in Bosnia-Herzegovina, divided by ethnicity. Since then, there has been a unified league and a single champion each year.

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