Songs of the Vilna Ghetto

Songs of the Vilna Ghetto

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Type = Compilation album
Artist = Various Artists

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Label = CBS Records
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"Songs of the Vilna Ghetto" is a now out-of-print album featuring Yiddish songs from the World War II era. The traditional songs are sung by Nechama Hendel, Chava Alberstein, and Shimon Israeli with accompaniment from the CBS Israel Orchestra and Choir, conducted by Gil Aldema. The album contains an 8-page booklet with lyrics in the Hebrew language, photographs from the ghetto, and historical information about the songs in English. According to the liner notes, the recording "was prepared by the Yitzhak Kalznelson House of the Ghetto Fighters, at Kibbutz Lochamei Hagetaot, Israel, in co-operation with the Vilna Organisation [sic] of Haifa."

Track listing

#Vilna - Chava Alberstein
#Partizaner Lied (Partisan Song) - Shimon Israeli with CBS Israel Orchestra
#Vig-Lied (Lullaby) - Helena (Nama) Hendel
#Farvos iz Der Himmel (Why Are The Heavens)- Choir
#Ich Beink Aheim (I Long for Home) - Helena Hendel
#Yugent Hymn (Youth Hymn) - Choir
#Unter Deine Veisse Shtern (Under Your White Stars) - Helena Hendel and Choir
#Itzik Wittenberg - Shimon Israeli
#Shtiller, Shtiller (Ponar - Lullaby) - Chava Alberstein
#Tsu Eins, Zwei, Drei! (One, Two, Three!) - Choir
#Freeling (Spring)- Chava Alberstein with CBS Israel Orchestra
#Zog Nit Kein Mol (Partisan Song) - Shimon Israeli and Choir with CBS Israel Orchestra

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