General Flagg

General Flagg

General Flagg is the code name as well as the rank and surname of two fictional characters from the toyline, cartoon and comic series, . The USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier toy was named after him.

The two characters are related by blood, the first General Flagg being the father of the second. They are Lawrence J. Flagg, the father, and James L. Flagg III, the son. The five generations of Flaggs before them made careers in the military. Both became commanding officers in the G.I. Joe Team.

General Flagg II

Lawrence J. Flagg was a Brigadier General in the US Army. He was responsible for creating Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta, code named G.I. Joe, in response to rising terrorist threats, especially the evil Cobra Organization. He was the first commander of the G.I. Joe Team but often spent time in an administrative role.

Cobra forces attack the Joe Headquarters, the Pit, early in the series. General Flagg is in the brigg, which contains two prisoners, Major Bludd and a prominent Cobra officer nicknamed 'Scarface'. Bludd escapes, killing Flagg in the process.


This version of Flagg did not receive his own action figure until 2004, when his figure was included in a "Comic Pack" release. Packaged with him was G.I.Joe member Steeler and a generic Cobra Officer. This three-pack came with a reprint of G.I.Joe issue #5 of the comic book where all three characters play prominent roles.

Interestingly enough, Flagg's dossier on the package used the same text as the earlier "General Flagg" figures, who represented his son). He also appeared in the first G.I. Joe animated mini-series The MASS Device but for the course of the series' run, he never appeared again. His appearance in that mini-series resembled more the character of General Austin (Flagg's immediate superior) from the early G.I. Joe comics than that of General Flagg's from the comics.

General Flagg III

Infobox G.I. Joe character
name = General Flagg III

caption =
affiliation = G.I. Joe
function = G.I. Joe General
realname = Flagg III, James Longstreet
birthplace = Alexandria, VA
serial = 212-9820-GU95
rank = O-7
primaryMOS = Chief Strategic Commander
secondaryMOS = General Commander
subgroup =
series =
voiceby =
debut = 1992
James Longstreet Flagg III, born in Alexandria, Virginia, is the son of Gen. Lawrence Flagg. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. In a short time, he is able to rise up to the rank of Brigadier General.

This version of Flagg is introduced only in the toys. He has yet to appear in any other media incarnations.


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