Class of 74

Class of '74
Format soap opera
Created by ??
Developed by Reg Grundy Organisation
Starring Leonard Teale,
John Hamblin,
Gordon Glenwright.
Opening theme Brian Cadd
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 290 x 30 minute episodes
Executive producer(s) ??
Camera setup ??
Running time 30 minutes (with adverts)
Original channel Seven Network
Picture format Black-and-white (1974)
Color (1975)
Original run March 1974 – ?? 1975

Class of '74 (and later Class of '75) was a secondary school-based, daily soap opera produced by the Reg Grundy Organisation and screened on the Seven Network in Australia starting March 1974. The main characters were a mix of teachers and other school personnel, and students. The series was aimed at a teenage audience. Each episode was 30 minutes; five episodes each week were broadcast, stripped across week nights in an early evening timeslot. The series was renamed Class of '75 for its second and final year. It also switched from black and white to colour during its second year on air.

Principal cast members included Leonard Teale, John Hamblin, Gordon Glenwright, Jeanie Drynan, Anne Louise Lambert, Megan Williams, Joanne Samuel, Carla Hoogeveen, John Dietrich, Jan Kingsbury, Vince Martin, Judy Ferris, Carol Vincent-Smythe, Kevin Miles, Mark Hollis; and in 1975 Abigail, Peta Toppano, Peter Bensley, Briony Behets, Angela Punch-McGregor, Peter Flett, Marty Rhone, Anne Charleston.

Cast members Teale, Hamblin and Glenwright continued the program's entire run.

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