The Kid & I

name = The Kid & I

caption = "The Kid & I" film poster
writer = Tom Arnold
starring = Tom Arnold
Eric Gores
Joe Mantegna
Shannon Elizabeth
Linda Hamilton
Richard Edson
director = Penelope Spheeris
producer = Tom Arnold
Brad Wyman
Penelope Spheeris
distributor = Slow Hand Releasing
released = December 2, 2005
runtime = 93 minutes
language = English
budget = ~ US$5,000,000
imdb_id = 0416891

The Kid & I is a 2005 comedy film starring Tom Arnold and Eric Gores.


Former fictional actor Bill Williams is about to commit suicide because his career is ruined. He throws away all his stuff and gives his clothes to a poor alcoholic. The man drinks Bill's vodka and takes half of his pills messing up his suicide plan and takes off. Bill drinks his alcohol and then takes the pills not knowing he won't die. He then lies down in the bathtub and closes his eyes. Three days later a demented film agent named Johnny Bernstein (played by Henry Winkler) shows up at the apartment with a business offer for him. He says a billionaire, Davis Roman (played by Joe Mantegna) will hire Bill to write and co-star in a movie exactly like "True Lies" so that his son, Aaron Roman, whose favorite film is "True Lies", can live out his dream of being an actor and star of an action movie. Not knowing much about the boy or the billionaire, Bill agrees to do the project since he would make thousands by the end of the movie.

Later at the park, Bill meets the drinker who took his drugs and alcohol. The man shows himself as Guy Prince, a broke loser who hasn't had a job in almost 13 years. Bill finds out he has a lot in common with Guy and asks him if he wants to act in the movie. Guy agrees, and he becomes Bill's unconventional "best" friend.

Johnny, Bill and Guy later show up at the lavish Roman mansion after meeting with Davis and his wife, Shelby. They are a nice people, making Bill think they have a nice normal son. However, when Aaron shows up Bill becomes uncomfortable and assumes he will be making a bad film with a mentally impaired person. He quickly attempts to back out of the offer when his ex-wife producer Susan Mandeville (played by Linda Hamilton) comes in with a whole crew of stage hands and tells everybody she will be producing the movie. Shortly after she shows up, Davis gives Bill a talk about how normal Aaron is despite him being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Bill remembering how much money he will receive agrees to make the movie again. Aaron is a tenacious boy and is happy to see Bill in person. He quickly tells Bill about his interesting ideas about the movie as they begin to write the script. Although some of Aaron's ideas were unrealistic Bill becomes confident they will be able to shoot the movie. Aaron decides to call the movie Two Spies. Guy is enjoying himself as well as he flirts with the local women and spends time drinking all the Roman's free beer and wine. Aaron tells Bill he wants to kiss a beautiful women at the end of his movie in a hot tub. He has his actress/model crush, Arielle Kebbel in mind. Bill without knowing the circumstances agrees to the idea.

Susan helps keep the movie on track by taking the production to a big movie studio in California. The filming of Two Spies quickly begins. Actors quickly show up including one Arielle Kebbel, which pleases a lovestruck Aaron. An overweight pushy police woman becomes Bill's girlfriend in the movie. Guy plays a character named Lester Loser who gets his behind blown in by a large bomb foreign villains created. Aaron's character rescues a dog and gives it back to government officials it belongs to. Bill is happy with the movie's progress until he finds out it will only be shown at Aaron's birthday party and not world wide. He quickly becomes depressed and angry with himself again. To make matters worse, Aaron forgot he was allergic to dogs and gets sick. His overprotective furious mother Bonnie, finds out about his illness and comes to the mansion to take Aaron back home with her for the rest of the summer. She convinces him that Bill is a bad man and Aaron begins to think so. He leaves on the plane to live with his mother for the rest of the year until the next summer. Davis still offers to pay Bill for the incomplete movie but he honestly refuses to take the money. Guy and Bill quickly leave the area. Guy begins to throw all his money away on beer and becomes a broke man living in a trailer attached to a car again. A distraught Bill avoids all contact with Susan and begins to plan his second suicide attempt.

Bill watches a tape of some of the footage and starts to think not all is lost for him and Aaron. He gets on a plane and flies far away to where Aaron and Bonnie live. He manages to convince Bonnie that making and finishing the film will be a positive experience for everyone. Bonnie agrees and a happy Aaron flies back to his dad's house to make the long awaited hot tub sequence with Arielle. They both benefit from the scene.

On the night of Aaron birthday hundreds of people show up at the local movie theater who agreed to show Two Spies for the first time. Susan gets positive attention from reporters and tells everybody she believes in Aaron. Davis, Shelby and surprisingly Bonnie all liked the movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis show up at the screening to surprise Bill and wish Aaron a happy birthday. Guy announces to Bill he will drink less and start a career in showbiz. Johnny begins to consider showing the movie worldwide because the screening went so well. Bill becomes happy again and tells Aaron he wants to continue working with him.

The closing scene shows Aaron in the hot tub with Arielle as they give each other a tender romantic kiss.

Plot of "Two Spies"

A little girl from a family of government officials dog is kidnapped, and two agents are sent out to rescue the dog from its kidnappers who might be possible terrorists.


The main characters are:
* Bill Williams (Tom Arnold) - An out of work actor who had a supporting role in "True Lies".
* Aaron Roman (Eric Gores) - a teenager with cerebral palsy that wants to star in a film with Williams.
* Guy Prince (Richard Edson) - Williams's personal assistant.


Gores is the son of Alec Gores, a billionaire technology investor and founder of the Gores Technology Group, best known for its acquisition and resale of Brøderbund. The younger Gores has cerebral palsy and his father hired Arnold, a neighbor in Los Angeles, to make a sequel to Eric's favorite film, "True Lies" (1994), in which Arnold co-starred. The plot of "The Kid & I" closely parallels the actual situation. []

The profits for this movie are going to United Cerebral Palsy, a lobby group for disabled peoples in Washington, DC.

Jamie Lee Curtis makes a short appearance in this movie as herself.

The film is also one of the only film appearances by Arnold Schwarzenegger since he became governor of California.



*"What's Up Doc (Can We Rock)" By The Fu-Schnickens
*"The Final Countdown" By Europe
*"Love Me With All Your Heart" By Agnetha Falksnog
*"A Whiter Shade Of Pale" By Procol Harum
*"Achy Breaky Heart" By Billy Ray Cyrus
*"Funky Comedina" By Tone Loc
*"Let Me See Your Underwear" By THEM

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