Liqueur coffee

A liqueur coffee, as its name suggests, is a coffee brew with a 25ml shot of liqueur. This brew is usually served in a clear, clean, pre-heated, liqueur coffee glass with the coffee and cream separated for good visual and taste effect. The liqueur of choice is added first with a teaspoon of raw cane sugar mixed in. The glass in then filled to within an inch of the top with good, strong, fresh filter coffee. Fresh, chilled, additive free, slightly whipped cream is then poured carefully over the back of a cold teaspoon, so that it floats on top of the coffee and liqueur mixture. The sugar is required in the coffee mixture to help the cream float.

The glass should be served on a saucer with a bitter mint chocolate on the side.

Liqueur coffee names

This is a list of common liqueur coffee names with the liqueur used:
*Whisky Coffee, Whisky
**Highland Coffee, Scotch whisky
**Irish Coffee, Irish whiskey
*Brandy Coffee, Brandy
**French Coffee, French brandy
**German Coffee, German brandy from grapes or from fruit (for instance Kirschwasser) or with schnapps
*Calypso Coffee, Tia Maria or Kahlua and rum
*Bailey's Coffee, Baileys Irish Cream
*Sultan Special Coffee, Baileys Irish Cream
*Shin Shin Coffee, Rum
*English Coffee, Gin
*Jamaican Coffee, Tia Maria & Rum
*Monk's Coffee, (Benedictine)
*Cafe Royale, (Brandy)
*Seville Coffee, (Cointreau)
*Witch's Coffee, (Strega)
*Russian Coffee, (Vodka)
*Parisienne Coffee, (Brandy)
*Australian Coffee, (Cask Wine/Goon)
*Corfu Coffee, Koum Quat liquor

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