Statistical process control software

There are a number of software programs designed to aid in statistical process control (SPC).

Typically the software program undertakes two functions: data collection and data analysis.

Data collection

The software replaces the traditional log book used by manufacturing technicians to record data from various controls along a process. For example, a technician may want to ensure temperature levels are within certain parameters, and will therefore check a temperature gauge and record the value in a log book. Process data is usually collected at regularly timed intervals, such as once every 30 minutes. The software program will store the collected data in either an internal database, or write to an external file that can be then used with other programs (e.g. a comma separated file, or Microsoft Access Database).

Spc Software can also capture data from practically any digital instruments. I.e. Digital Micrometer, Dial, Caliper, Height Gauge, Depth Gauge, DRO - Digital Read Out, etc. This helps to reduce data collection time & effort and same will be utilized to troubleshoot the error. Software also stores data in any RDBMS - Relational Database Management System, it helps to retrieve historical data easily. Apart from mere storing data, Spc Software can control whole multi gauging, it uses the on-line statistics generated for this.

Data analysis

Once the data is collected it can be analysed, and most statistical process control software programs have sophisticated analytical tools. Once such tool is the calculation of mean and average values. Charting tools are also common, starting with the creation of a basic control chart. Advanced charting options may include histograms, hat charts and bathtub curve charts.

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