Pilocytic astrocytoma

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Pilocytic astrocytoma, or juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma, is a brain tumor that occurs predominantly in children and involves the midline, basal, and posterior fossa structures. It is, in general, considered a benign tumor of childhood. It is often cystic, and, if solid, it tends to be well-circumscribed. It is characteristically a contrast-enhancing tumour by current imaging investigations (e.g., CT scan, MRI)

Under the microscope, the tumor is viewed to be composed of bipolar cells with long "hairlike" GFAP-positive processes. Rosenthal fibers, eosinophilic granular bodies, and microcysts are often present.

It is classified as Grade 1 Astrocytoma.

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* [http://rad.usuhs.edu/medpix/medpix.html?mode=image_finder&action=search&srchstr=astrocytoma#top Pilocytic Astrocytoma] MedPix Medical Image Database
* [http://www.med.uc.edu/neurorad/webpage/fba.html UC]
* [http://www.fightJPA.org fightJPA - An Organization Dedicated to Funding Research into Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma]

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