Anthony (Encantadia)

Anthony is a fictional character in "Encantadia", a fantasy soap opera being aired by GMA Network in the Philippines. Filipino actor Mark Herras plays Anthony.

Character background

Anthony is a rich man whom Mira and Lira fell in love with but Anthony loves Lira more. After Lira became a maid in the mansion and left afterwards to go to Encantadia, Mira replaced Lira as maid in Anthony's mansion. Anthony keeps on insisting Mira the whereabouts of Lira after she left the mansion but Mira avoids the question because she is also in love with Anthony.

Mira temporarily went to Encantadia to ask Cassiopeia for a love potion so that Anthony will fall in love with her. But Anthony was able to witness Mira opening a portal through a magical medallion and making a vortex that servers as a doorway between the human world and Encantadia. After seeing Mira's departure, Anthony realized that Encantadia is real and Lira is there.

During Mira's absence, Anthony is able to discover an Enchan script (writing system in Encantadia) in an antique store. Unknown to him, the script is the missing piece in the history of Etheria which was written by Raquim.

After Mira returns from Encantadia and fails to let Anthony drink the love potion, Anthony steals the magical medallion and goes to Encantadia with his head maid Manang Rosing to find Lira. He also has the Enchan script with him. Mira is able to follow them because Anthony left the portal open. Banjo also followed Mira through the portal.

Because Encantadia is not a place for humans as they got sick, Mira sprinkles a magical dust to Anthony, Manang Rosing and Banjo, and they fall asleep. Mira returns them to the human world and after waking up, they forgot everything about their experience in Encantadia.

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