1677 in literature

The year 1677 in literature involved some significant events.


* Roger Morrice begins his "Entring Book."
* Francis North's "A Philosophical Essay of Music" published.
* Thomas Killigrew, ineffective after four years in the office of Master of the Revels, is replaced by his son Charles.
*Two plays on the same subject of King Edgar are acted in 1677: Edward Ravenscroft's tragicomedy "King Edgar and Alfreda", and Thomas Rymer's "Edgar, or the English Monarch". Rymer's play is a flop; it precedes his famous "The Tragedies of the Last Age Considered" by a scant year.

New books

*Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery - "Treatise of the Art of War"
* John Milton - "The History of Britain"

New drama

*John Banks - "The Rival Kings" (adapted from la Calprenède's "Cassandre")
*Aphra Behn - "The Rover"
** - "The Debauchee" (adapted from Richard Brome's "A Mad Couple Well-Match'd")
*Thomas Betterton - "The Counterfeit Bridegroom"
*William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle - "The Humorous Lovers" and "The Triumphant Widow" published
*John Crowne - "The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Vespasian", Parts 1 and 2
*Charles Davenant - "Circe" (a "semi-opera" with music by John Banister)
*Thomas d'Urfey - "The Fond Husband, or the Plotting Sisters"
*John Learned - "The Country Innocence"
*Nathaniel Lee - "The Rival Queens"
*Thomas Otway - "The Cheats of Scapin" (adapted from Molière's "Fourberies de Scapin")
** - "Titus and Berenice" (adapted from Racine's "Bérénice")
*Thomas Porter - "The French Conjurer"
*Jean Racine - "Phèdre"
*Edward Ravenscroft - "King Edgar and Alfreda"
** - "Scaramouch a Philosopher, Harlequin a Schoolboy, Bravo a Merchant and Magician"
*Thomas Rymer - "Edgar, or the English Monarch"


*Roger Boyle, 1st Earl of Orrery - "On the Death of Abraham Cowley"


*August 25 - Jean-Joseph Languet de Gergy, theologian (died 1753)
*"date unknown" - Elizabeth Wardlaw, poet (born 1727)


*February 21 - Baruch Spinoza, philosopher (born 1632)
*May 24 - Anders Bording, poet and journalist (born 1619)
*September 11 - James Harrington (born 1611)
*October 14 - Francis Glisson, medical writer (born 1597)
*"date unknown"
**Jacques de Coras, poet (born 1630)

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