1748 in literature

The year 1748 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* The French break the British siege of Pondicherry.
* End of the War of the Austrian Succession with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
* While in debtor's prison in London, John Cleland writes "Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure", also known as "Fanny Hill", considered the first modern "erotic novel" by some.
* Euler’s fifth paper on nautical topics, E137, is written but published later, in 1750.

New books

* Mark Akenside - "An Ode to the Earl of Huntingdon"
* George Anson - "A Voyage Round the World"
* John Cleland - "Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure" (aka "Fanny Hill")
* Robert Dodsley - "A Collection of Poems" (a publisher's anthology)
* Eliza Haywood - "Life's Progress through the Passions" (novel)
* James Hervey - "Meditations and Contemplations"
* David Hume - "An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding"
** - "Three Essays, Moral and Political"
* William Kenrick - "The Town"
* Mary Leapor - "Poems"
* William Melmoth, as "Sir Thomas Fitzosborne, bart." - "Letters"
* Montesquieu - "De l'esprit des lois" ("The Spirit of the Laws")
* Ambrose Philips - "Pastorals, Epistles, Odes and Other Original Poems"
* Laetitia Pilkington - "Memoirs"
* Samuel Richardson - "Clarissa", vols. ii - vii
* Thomas Sheridan - "The Simile"
* Tobias Smollett
** "The Adventures of Roderick Random"
** English translation of "The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane" by Alain-René Le Sage
* James Thomson - "The Castle of Indolence"
* François-Vincent Toussaint - "Les Mœurs"
* Horace Walpole - "A Second and Third Letter to the Whigs"
* Thomas Warton - "Poems"
* John Wesley - "A Letter to a Person Lately Join'd with the People call'd Quakers"
* Peter Whalley - "An Enquiry into the Learning of Shakespeare"

New drama

* Jean-François Marmontel - "Denys le Tyran"
* Edward Moore - "The Foundling"


* January 1 - Gottfried August Bürger, German poet (died 1794)
* February 15 - Jeremy Bentham (died 1832)
* April 27 - Pierre-Louis Ginguené, French author (died 1815)
* May 7 - Olympe de Gouges, dramatist (died 1793)


* August 27 - James Thomson, Scottish poet (born 1700)
* September 21 - John Balguy, English philosopher (born 1686)
* November 25 : Isaac Watts (born 1674)
* Charles Johnson, dramatist, pub owner, and "dunce"
* Christopher Pitt

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