1725 in literature

The year 1725 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*Émilie de Breteuil marries Marquis Florent-Claude du Chastellet.
*Death of Peter the Great of Russia.
*Charles Killigrew dies, after 48 years in the office of the Master of the Revels.

New books

* Anonymous - "The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage" (first printed edition)
* Joseph Addison - "Miscellanies"
* Henry Baker - "Original Poems"
* Henry Carey - "Namby Pamby"
* Thomas Cooke - "The Battle of the Poets" (satire of Alexander Pope)
* Mary Davys - "The Works of Mrs. Davys"
* Daniel Defoe - "The Complete English Tradesman"
* George Bubb Dodington - "An Epistle to Sir Robert Walpole"
* John Dyer - "A New Miscellany"
* Laurence Echard - "The History of the Revelation"
* Benjamin Franklin - "A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity, Pleasure and Pain"
* Zacharey Grey - "A Defence of Our Antient and Modern Historians" (against John Oldmixon)
* Eliza Haywood - "Bath-Intrigues"
* - "Fantomina"
* - "Memoirs of a Certain Island Adjacent to the Kingdom of Utopia"
* - "Secret Histories, Novels and Poems"
* Francis Hutcheson - "An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue" (on aesthetics)
* John Oldmixon - "A Review of Dr. Zachary Grey's Defence"
* Richardson Pack - "A New Collection of Miscellanies"
* Christopher Pitt - "Vida's Art of Poetry" (transl. of Marco Girolamo Vida)
* Alexander Pope - "The Odyssey of Homer" vols. i - iii.
* Richard Savage - "The Authors of the Town"
* William Shakespeare - "The Works of Shakespear" (edited by Pope)
* Jonathan Swift - "Fraud Detected; or, The Hibernian Patriot"
* Giambattista Vico - "New Science"
* Isaac Watts - "Logick"
* George Whitehead - "The Christian Progress of George Whitehead"
* Edward Young - "The Universal Passion: Satire"


*John Glanvill - "Poems"
*Allan Ramsay - "The Gentle Shepherd"

New drama

* Colley Cibber - "Caesar in Aegypt"
* Gabriel Odingsells - "The Bath Unmask'd"
** - "The Capricious Lovers"
* Thomas Sheridan - "The Philoctetes of Sophocles"


*April 2 - Giacomo Casanova, adventurer and writer (died 1798)
*July 24 - John Newton, clergyman and songwriter ("Amazing Grace") (died 1807)
*"date unknown"
**William Mason, poet
**Paul de Rapin, historian


*January 6 - Chikamatsu Monzaemon, dramatist
*December 7 - Florent Carton Dancourt, French dramatist and actor (born 1661)
*"date unknown" - Richard Fiddes, historian (born 1671)
* Peter the Great

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