Simo is a municipality located in the province of Lapland, Finland, about 50 kilometres from Sweden's border.

Simo's three largest neighbouring towns are Oulu (120,753 inhabitants), Kemi (23,689 inhabitants) and Tornio (22,617 inhabitants). Some of the bigger neighbouring municipalities are Keminmaa (8,930 inhabitants) and Kuivaniemi (2,137 inhabitants).


In Simo there is a rural landscape and also in the planning of the centre an attempt has been made to emphasise the nature vicinity. Simo consists of many small and vital village communities. Simo's sights include Simo's Church which was completed in 1846 during the late Empire time and light infantryman place with its statues which will be a memory from the war of independence when the route goes through Simo's wildernesses.


In 2001 Simo's number of inhabitants was 3,895 and it has decreased yearly by about twenty persons. Most there were 1999 15-64 year-olds (65.8%) and least over 85-year-old (1,5%) in Simo. The unemployment rate during the 2000 year was 20.7% when it was 21.0% in the county of the whole of Lapland. Simo's inhabitant had a 946.39 debt on an average in 2001.

School systems

A comprehensive school and upper secondary school system are found in Simo. The nearest university is in Oulu.


In Simo there are no industry.

Employing proposal

The municipality tries to persuade new entrepreneurs with the sea spirituality and by offering high-quality services. In the municipality it would be possible to practise a tourism, accommodation, programme and nutrition business for example.

Simo's decision-makers and civil servants' attitude towards the new companies is promoting the coming true of the project start-specifically. The municipality supports risk-taking and active industrial policy in the reasonable circumstances, in other words it is ready riskirahoittaa suras also projects. It is the plan of the municipality to develop through the tax revenues created by the successful entrepreneurship.


*Population: 3,717 (2003)
*Area: 1,483.50 km²
**of which is water: 18.51 km².
*Population density is 2.5 inhabitants per km².

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