HI or Hi may refer to:
* An informal way to say hello.
* Hi (magazine), an Arab-English language magazine.
* Hindi language (ISO 639-1, "'hi")
* Hi (kana), the Japanese characters ひ and ヒ pronounced as IPA2|çi.
* H I (note the space), an astronomical spectral line
* Hi Records, a record label
* Hi (mobile), a Dutch mobile phone company and subsidiary of KPN
* "HI" can also be an acronym or abbreviation:
** Humorous Interpretation, a National Forensics League category(ies)
** Hawaii (United States postal abbreviation)
** Holiday Inn hotels
** Hormonal imprinting
** Hostelling International
** Hydrogen iodide, an ionic diatomic compound which can be dissolved in water to form hydroiodic acid

ee also

* High

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