German-Hanoverian Party

1932 electoral poster

The German-Hanoverian Party (German: Deutsch-Hannoversche Partei) was a conservative, federalist political party in Germany.

The party was founded on 31 december 1869, in protest of the annexation of the Kingdom of Hanover by the Kingdom of Prussia. The party was called the "Welfen". They wanted the revival of the Kingdom of Hanover.[1]

In 1933, the party, like all other parties, except the Nazi Party, was banned by the Nazi regime.

In 1945, a party called Niedersächsische Landespartei was formed, claiming to be a continuation of DHP. From 1947 that party was known as the German Party (DP). By the time of 1953, a group of DP dissidents formed a new DHP.


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