Stephen Burrows

Stephen Burrows, aka Stephen Dale Burrows, Steve Burrows, etc., is a writer/director/actor in many movies, including "Chump Change" and "Spy Hard."



* "The Soldier of Fortune" (1991) as Steve
* "My Father the Hero" (1994) as Hakim
* "Bucket of Blood" (1995) as Carpenter
* "Alien Avengers" (1996) as Detective Watts
* "Spy Hard" (1996) as Agent Burrows
* "Chump Change" (2004) as Milwaukee Steve

Art department

* "Little White Lies" (1989)
* "Face of Love" (1990)
* "Stop at Nothing" (1991)


* "The Soldier of Fortune" (1991)
* "Chump Change" (2004)


* "The Soldier of Fortune" (1991)


* "The Soldier of Fortune" (1991)
* "Chump Change" (2004)


* "America's Funniest Home Videos" (1990) (video screener)
* "Seinfeld" (1993) guest-starring as David

External links

* [] Steve Burrows Official Website
* [] "Chump Change" Official Website
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