Southwest Province

name = Southwest Province
country = Cameroon

capital = Buea

map_caption = Location of Southwest Province within Cameroon
coordinates_type = adm1st
lat_d = |lat_m = |lat_NS = N
long_d = |long_m = |long_EW = E
area = 24571
population = 838042
population_as_of = 1987
population_density = auto
population_density_note = (5th)
leader_type = Governor
leader = Louis Eyeya Zanga
part_type = Divisions
part = Fako
part1 = Koupe-et-Manengouba
part2 = Lebialem
part3 = Manyu
part4 = Meme
part5 = Ndian

The Southwest Province is a province of Cameroon. Its capital is Buea. As of|1987, its population was 838,042. Along with the Northwest Province, it is one of the two anglophone (english-speaking) provinces of Cameroon, and has long been a hotbed of separatist resentment against the perceived Francophone domination of the country.

The province is divided into six divisions or "préfectures": Fako, Koupe-et-Manengouba, Lebialem, Manyu, Meme, and Ndian. These are in turn broken down into subdivisions. Presidentially appointed senior divisional officers ("prefets") and subdivisional officers ("sous-prefets") govern each respectively.

The province was notable for having the first English-speaking university in Cameroon (the University of Buea), the first vice-chancellor being Professor Tanyi Mbuagbaw. Akin to the Northwest Province, the Southwest enjoys a considerably better infrastructure than its francophone neighbours.

Important towns include the capital Buea, Limbe, Tiko, Kumba and Mamfe. Limbe in particular is a popular tourist resort notable for its fine beaches. Korup National Park is also a major attraction. Buea itself, meanwhile, sits at the foot of Mount Cameroon, and possesses an almost temperate climate markedly different from the rest of the province.

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