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Rec footy

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Recreational Football (also known as "Rec Footy" or "Recreational Footy") is a non-contact version of the Australian rules football game sanctioned by the Australian Football League. It is a more accessible version of Australian rules football that people can pick up and play with some degree of skill and ability and it is directly aligned to the traditional game of Australian rules football.It is a mixed competition, accessible to players of both sexes, all shapes and sizes and requires minimal equipment to play.

Ruler Differantials

Field size, number of players and duration of play

Rec Footy teams are much smaller than Australian Rules Football, with two teams of 8. Unlike Australian Rules Football, unlimited number of interchange players are allowed.The field is also much smaller than an Australian Rules Football oval, consisting of a rectangular surface with a maximum length of 100 metres by 50 metres wide.Games are much shorter and do not consist of quarters, with only two 20 minute halves.

Rule differences to encourage female participation

The game encourages female participation, with a minimum of 3 female players per mixed side. In addition, teams are encouraged to play females in the forward line, with a goal kicked by a female worth 3 more points (9) than a goal kicked by a male player (6).The game is played with a modified Australian rules ball, which is the same size but prevents it from being kicked long distances to reduce the kicking advantage of males over females.

Rule differences to prevent physical contact

Unlike Australian rules football, there is no contesting for possession with the exception of removing a player's tag, which substitutes for a tackle and gives the player 3 seconds prior opportunity to dispose of the ball before the Holding the ball rule is applied. All one percenters, such as sheparding, blocking, spoiling or smothering are strictly penalised with a free kick. Marking contests are strictly enforced to avoid contact via a "drop-zone" rule. When any contact is made by an opposition player, a free kick is awarded to the opposition player that is infringed. For deliberate contact, an immediate send-off rule applies and red and yellow cards are shown as in soccer.

Other rule differences

There is no minimum kick distance for a mark to be paid, although kicking off the ground (or "soccering") is strictly banned. A 15 metre penalty substitutes for a 50 metre penalty.If the ball it disposed of by a player and hits the ground, it is a free kick to the nearest opposition player. Although there is no offside rule in Australian Football, Rec Footy restricts player movement to zones, similarly to netball, and players wear netball like bibs to identify their position on the ground. In order to score from a rebound, the ball must be possessed by a player from each of the three zones, otherwise a free kick is paid to the nearest defender when it reachers the forward line.


The Carter Report titled “Investing in the Future of Australian Football (October 2001)”, identified segment gaps in Aussie Rules and its demographic reach. The research found that unlike codes such as rugby league with the successful touch football (rugby league), Aussie Rules did not have a recreational version of the game to cater for the growing recreational participation market. AFL "Recreational Football" ("Recreational Footy" or "Rec Footy") was developed by the Australian Football League to provide maximum involvement at all levels with a variation of the game that virtually anyone can play. It is often referred to as Auskick for adults and aims to increase participation in women.

The game was originally trialled in Western Australia by the WAFL in 2003. By 2004, the game has grown to 592 players (Western Australia: 34 teams & 344 players; Victoria: 16 teams & 248 players) [] .

In 2005, the game grew quickly, especially in Queensland.

In 2006 several new teams began. The sport is now played in all Australian states, with a heavy involvement at universities. A small number of Women's Footy teams in the United States also began playing informal games of Recreational Football.Future representative games are planned.

Local competitions

Competitions are typically held in the early summer months (October-February) so as not to clash with the main football season.

Competitions are held in various regions of every state in Australia.

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