Doctor Who and the Pescatons

Doctor Who and the Pescatons
Doctor Who audio play
Doctor Who and the Pescatons.jpg
Original LP cover.
Writer Victor Pemberton
Producer Don Norman
Length 2 episodes, 46 minutes total
Originally broadcast 1976 (LP Release)

Doctor Who and the Pescatons (commonly shortened to The Pescatons in a similar manner to Doctor Who and the Silurians) is an audio play in two episodes based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is written by Victor Pemberton, and stars Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Bill Mitchell as Zor.

It was released on LP and cassette by Argo (a division of Decca) in July 1976, re-released on CD in 1991 by Silva Screen Records, and re-released again by BBC Audio on CD on 3 January 2005. The 2005 CD release includes the complete original programme on disc one, and a new interview with Elisabeth Sladen recorded on 21 May 2004 on disc two.

Doctor Who and the Pescatons was the very first audio drama based upon Doctor Who, and not counting radio plays would be the last until the late 1990s when Big Finish Productions would revive the idea for a prolific series of audio productions based upon the series. Like Doctor Who and the Pescatons, original cast members from the series would be included. Doctor Who and the Pescatons remained the only original Doctor Who audio production to feature Tom Baker (apart from the educational Exploration Earth: The Time Machine) until the Hornets' Nest series of audios released in 2009.


In print

Doctor Who book
Book cover
Doctor Who – The Pescatons
Series Target novelisations
Release number 153
Writer Victor Pemberton
Publisher Target Books
Cover artist Pete Wallbank
ISBN 0 426 20353 4
Release date 15 September 1991
Preceded by Battlefield
Followed by The Power of the Daleks

Doctor Who and the Pescatons was novelised in 1991 by Victor Pemberton as Doctor Who – The Pescatons and published by Target Books. Although not the final Target release (that would come in 1994 with The Paradise of Death), this was the final new release in Target's traditional format which had been in place since 1973; subsequent new releases would be longer and in a differently presented book format. Discounting radio plays, it is to date the only Doctor Who audio drama to be novelised.

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