Aragonese language

Aragonese language

("woman", Sp. _es. "mujer", Cat. _ca. "muller")), ACUT'LA > _an. "agulla" ("needle", Sp. _es. "aguja", Cat. _ca. "agulla")
*Unlike Spanish, Latin -B- is maintained in past imperfect endings of verbs of the second and third conjugations: _an. "teneba / teniba" ("he had", Sp. _es. "tenía", Cat. _ca. "tenia"), _an. "dormiba" ("he was sleeping", Sp. _es. "dormía", Cat. _ca. "dormia")
*Aragonese is, along with dialects of Gascon, the only Western Romance language to have preserved the voicelessness of many intervocalic stop consonants, e.g. CLETA > _an. "cleta" ("sheep hurdle", Cat. _ca. "cleda", Fr. _fr. "claie"), CUCULLIATA > "cocullata" ("crested lark", Sp. _es. "cogujada", Cat. _ca. "cogullada")


Aragonese grammar is similar to the grammar of other Iberian Romance languages, such as Spanish and Catalan.


Aragonese, like many other Romance languages, but unlike other Ibero-Romance languages, preserves the difference between the Latin forms 'ende' and 'ibi'as 'en/ne' and 'bi/i/ie'.

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