After 7

After 7
Origin Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Genres R&B New Jack Swing
Years active 1988-1997; 2006-present
Labels Virgin/EMI Records
Kevon Edmonds
Keith Mitchell
Jason Edmonds
Past members
Melvin Edmonds
Keith Floyd

After 7 is an R&B group founded in 1988 by brothers Melvin and Kevon Edmonds, and Keith Mitchell. The Edmonds brothers are the siblings of popular pop and R&B singer-songwriter-producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds" (Melvin is older, and Kevon - born Kevin - is younger). Mitchell was long thought to be the cousin of Babyface's then-partner, songwriter-producer Antonio "L.A." Reid, however, this was actually set-up as a marketing tool for the group and was actually incorrect.[1]

Virgin Records released their self-titled debut album in autumn 1989, which included the hits "Heat of the Moment", "Can't Stop" and the quiet-storm staple "Ready or Not". After promoting the album and seeing it go platinum, they scored a hit with the Motown-influenced "Nights Like This" on 1991's The Five Heartbeats soundtrack. The trio returned with Takin' My Time in 1992, which included the hit cover of The Originals' "Baby I'm For Real". The trio released their last album, Reflections in 1995, which included the hit "'Til You Do Me Right".

The group members went their separate ways after leaving Virgin Records due to creative differences and silently broke up. Despite this, in 1997, the Edmonds brothers released a cover of Hall & Oates' "Sara Smile" as a single (and sole new track) from the career retrospective The Very Best of After 7 before completely stopping releases under the group's name.

Following the group's split, Kevon released a solo album, 24/7, in October 1999 which included the hit single "24/7". Keith went on to manage white rapper Sarai and is working today on a solo gospel album.

The Edmonds brothers occasionally reunite for the odd show here and there. Both Kevon and Melvin Edmonds appeared with Babyface in the film Soul Food as members of the R&B group Milestone, performing the song "I Care About You". In 2006 the group minus Melvin Edmonds appeared on the New Jack Reunion Tour with Kevon Edmonds, Keith Mitchell, and Edmonds family member Jason Edmonds who happens to be the son of Melvin Edmonds and the nephew of Babyface and Kevon Edmonds. In 2007 Keith Mitchell left the group again to pursue a solo career and was replaced by Keith Floyd . Throughout 2007–2008, Kevon Edmonds, Jason Edmonds, & Keith Floyd toured the US as After 7. In 2009 original member Keith Mitchell returned to the group again and currently the group consists of Kevon Edmonds, Keith Mitchell & Jason Edmonds. There is no word of why Melvin is no longer performing with the group.



Studio albums

Year Album Chart positions[2] US
Record label
1989 After 7 35 3 Platinum Virgin
1992 Takin' My Time 76 8 Gold
1995 Reflections 40 7 Gold
"—" denotes the album failed to chart or was not certified

Compilation albums

Year Album Chart positions[2] US
Record label
1997 The Very Best of After 7 97 24 Virgin
2003 The Best of After 7 Virgin Records
"—" denotes the album failed to chart or was not certified


Year Single Chart positions[4] Album
1989 "Heat of the Moment" 74 5 87 After 7
"Don't Cha' Think" 25
1990 "Ready or Not" 7 1 7
"Can't Stop" 6 1 23 25 54
"My Only Woman" 36
"Heat of the Moment" (re-release) 19
1991 "Nights Like This" 24 7 36 The Five Heartbeats
1992 "Kickin' It" 45 6 Takin' My Time
"Baby, I'm for Real"/"Natural High" (medley) 55 5
1993 "Can He Love U Like This" 103 22
"Truly Something Special" 49
1994 "Gonna Love You Right" 87 15 Sugar Hill
"Not Enough Hours in the Night" 56 Beverly Hills 90210: The College Years
1995 "'Til You Do Me Right" 31 5 Reflections
"Damn Thing Called Love" 109 33
1996 "How Do You Tell the One" 60
1997 "Sara Smile" 31 The Very Best of After 7
"—" denotes the single failed to chart


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