Ivan Nikolayevich Smirnov (musician)

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Иван Николаевич Смирнов

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Born = September 9, 1955
Genre = Fusion
Years_active = 1975 – present
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Ivan Nikolayevich Smirnov (Russian: Иван Николаевич Смирнов), born 9 September 1955 in Russia, is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players in Russia. He plays many different styles like fusion, folk, Russian folk, jazz, and flamenco. Smirnov lives in Russia and plays with musicians such as Michael Smirnov, Sergey Klevensky, Dmitry Safonov, and Alexei Kozlov.


*19751979 : legendary Moscow's fusion group «Second breath» («Второе дыхание» in Russian).
*19791983 : experimental electronic music ensemble «Boomerang» («Бумеранг» in Russian) under directory of Eduard Artem'ev.
*1983 : Vocal Instrumental Ensemble «Blue Guitars» («Голубые Гитары» in Russian).
*19841990 : solo player of the jazz-rock ensemble «Arsenal» («Арсенал» in Russian) under directory of Alexei Kozlov.
*1990 : work under his own music projects, concerts with his own group, composing music for the cinema and studio work.


*The Best Guitar Player of the year (1995, Russia, Music Box Journal Professional Request).

*The Best Guitar Player of the year (1996, Russia, Music Box Journal Professional Request).

*The Best Fusion Guitar Player (1994, Russia, «Jam» («Джем» in Russian) television program, Jury: Alan Holdsworth, Steve Lucaster, Scott Henderson, Bruce Kulic)

*The Best Guitar Player (1994, Russia, «Totals-94» («Итоги-94» in Russian) Professional Request).


olo Works

*1999 «Аt the other end of the world» («За тридевять земель»), CD/MC, — Smirnov Records. ISCD 99-001.
«The Land Where The Sun Slumbers» («Страна, где ночует солнце»), concert in «Le Club» (Russia), 2 CD/МС, 2003 — Sketis records. ISMC 99-001.
*1996 «Merry-go-Round Man» («Карусельный дед» in Russian), CD/MC, — Music Box records. MB0001-2.


*1986 «Arsenal» ensemble, «Pulse-3» («Пульс-3» in Russian), set of «Melodiya» record company С60.23883009 («Мелодия» in Russian) record company, LP, .

*19891991 «Arsenal» ensemble, «Arsenal» («Арсенал» in Russian), LP, 1991 — «Мелодия».
Alexei Kozlov and «Arsenal» ensemble, СD, — «Melodiya» record company USSR SUCD 60-00 134.

*2002 «These guys with the guitar» («Эти парни с гитарой» in Russian), the set of the best guitar players of Russia, CD, — special edition of the publishing house «Salun AV» («Салон AV» in Russian), CD, 1994 — Strings records STR 001 2.

*1997 Alexei Kozlov and «Arsenal» ensemble «Burned by time» («Опалённые временем» in Russian) 4 CD, — «IT» company/A. Kozlov. СDRDM 711194, CDRDM 711795, CDRDM 712196, CDRDM 712199.
*1998 «Intermezzo» «Hand made work», CD, — Smakauz production. SP.01 98.
*2001 «Virtuoso parallels» («Параллели Виртуозов» in Russian) / 10 years of «ELKO Technology» company, CD, Limited Edition, — RGB ELKO.

*2002 «Guitar players of Russia» («Гитаристы России» in Russian), the set of the best guitar players of Russia, CD, — special edition of the publishing house «Salun AV» («Салон AV» in Russian).

*2004 «Crimean Holiday» («Крымские каникулы» in Russian). Michael Smirnov, Ivan Smirnov. CD.



* [http://music.download.com/ivansmirnov/3600-8497_32-100263861.html music.download.com]
* [http://www.realmusic.ru/ivansmirnov/ realmusic.ru]


«Washburn Days In Russia» / featuring: Michael Angelo (U.S.), Ivan Smirnov, Timur Quitelashvili (Тимура Квителашвили in Russian), Igor Boiko (Игорь Бойко in Russian), Dmitry Maloletov (Дмитрий Малолетов in Russian), Dmitry Chetvergov (Дмитрий Четвергов in Russian) / VHS-cassette, 1995 Music Box Records MB 002-3.



External links

* [http://www.ivansmirnov.com Oficial site of Ivan Smirnov] in Russian/English.
* [http://www.peoples.ru/art/music/guitars/smirnov/ Info about Ivan] in Russian.
* [http://www.realmusic.ru/ivansmirnov Ivan's interview] in Russian.

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