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subdivision_type = Country
subdivision_name = LTU
map_caption = Location of Seredžius
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settlement_type = town
official_name = Seredžus
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image_caption = John the Baptist church in Seredžius

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|subdivision_type1=Ethnographic region
subdivision_name1 = Autolink|Samogitia
subdivision_name2 = Autolink|Tauragė County
subdivision_name3 = Autolink|Jurbarkas district municipality
subdivision_name4 = Seredžius elderate
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|subdivision_type6=Capital of
subdivision_name6 =
established_date = 1363|established_title=First mentioned
established_date2 =
subdivision_name5 =
population_total = 749
population_as_of = 2001
population_blank1 =
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leader =
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Seredžius is a town on the banks of the Neman River in Lithuania.

The Palemon hill mound, is the site of a 13th century hillfort and has a spectacular view of the Neman valley.The neo-renaissance John the Baptist church was built in 1913. A palace of the Tyszkiewicz family, called the Belvedere, was constructed nearby the town.

It is the birthplace of Al Jolson, the famous U.S. entertainer.

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