SNP may refer to:


* Single nucleotide polymorphism, a DNA sequence variation
* Sodium nitroprusside, a peripheral vasodilator


* Scottish National Party, a political party campaigning for Scottish independence
* Seychelles National Party, a liberal political party in the Seychelles
* "Socijalistička narodna partija Crne Gore", the Socialist People's Party of Montenegro, a political party in Montenegro
* "Socijalistički narodni pokret Crne Gore", the predecessor of the People's Socialist Party of Montenegro


*Scalable Networking Pack, Adds new features to Windows Server 2003
* SNP File Format, a Microsoft Access file
* Secure Network Programming (API), an application programming interface for Transport Layer Security


* Seminonparametric, a statistical estimation technique
* "Sentinel node procedure" in oncological surgery, see Sentinel lymph node
* Sinopec's (China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation) New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol
* "Slovenské národné povstanie", the Slovak National Uprising
* Social Networking Potential, a coefficient used in marketing research
* Solar neutrino problem
* Special Needs Plan, a Medicare Advantage plan
* "Srpsko narodno pozorište", the Serbian National Theatre
* "State Nature Preserve", see Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission
* San Clemente Pier (Amtrak station)
* SNP (complexity), a complexity class also known as Strict NP
* Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA
* SNP Stadium, a multi-use stadium in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
* The Sunday Night Project, a British television show

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