Royal Marines recruit training

Royal Marines undergo a long basic training regime at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) at Lympstone, Devon. The Royal Marines is the only part of the British forces in which both officers and recruits are trained in the same place. Much of the basic training is carried out on the rugged terrain of Dartmoor. A large amount of training is done at night.

Breakdown of the 32 week recruit training

Phase 1

Module 1 - Foundation

"To effect the transition from civilian to military life and prepare the individual recruit for training in the Royal Marines"

*Week 1 - Joining routine, MSC (military skills & circuits) assessment, kit issue, NAMET exams, admin, drill & PT

*Week 2 - Ex First Step (1 night in the field - Woodbury Common), drill, PT & personal admin
*Week 3 - Weapon training, drill, PT & Families Day

LWEL (long weekend leave)

Module 2"' - Individual Skills

"To teach and practise elementary military skills in a progressive manner"

*Week 4 - Weapon training, PT and swims, drill & Corps history, Ex Early Knight (night in field with weapon - behind Tarzan Course)
*Week 5 - Weapon training (including weapon handling tests), PT & runs, map reading, Ex Quick Cover (3 day field exercise including basic fieldcraft and CQB - Woodbury Common)
*Week 6 - First aid, rifle shoot, PT, map reading
*Week 7 - Ex Marshal Star (3 1/2 day field ex including basic fieldcraft & soldiering skills - Woodbury Common)

*Week 8 - Drill, PT, map reading, first aid, survival training (Stallcombe)

*Week 9 - Drill, PT (Gym Passout), map reading, first aid (including NVQ testing), LSW conversion

*Week 10 - Ex Hunter's Moon (5 day field ex including navigation training and map reading including 24-hour survival training - Dartmoor, Gidleigh)


Module 3"' - Advanced Skills

"To consolidate the skills learned thus far and progress onto more advanced aspects of individual soldiering"

*Week 11 - Live firing: rifle to APWT (Combat Infantryman)(Straightpoint Range)

*Week 12 - APWT (Combat Infantryman), rifle transition to live firing & LSW APWA (Willsworthy Range on Dartmoor)

*Week 13 - NBC, signals, grenade throwing & helicopter dunker drills

*Week 14 - First fit of Lovats & Blues, NBC, signals, Ex Running Man (3 day field ex, mainly navigation training & yomping, Woodbury Common)

*Week 15 - Individual skills revision, Ex Baptist Run (2 day field test ex to test all skills taught in Phase 1 - includes stalking, kit inspections, map reading, NBC, signals, deservicing inspection - Woodbury Common), first drill inspection, arms drill passout, End of Phase 1 Parade


Phase 2

Module 4 - Operations of War

"To train and practice a recruit in the tactical skills and knowledge required to act as a rifleman in all operations of war and all transitional phases of war"

*Week 16 - Signals, Battle Physical Training (BPT), 51 mm mortar training

*Week 17 - Ex First Base (tactical field patrols [recce & OPs] & harbour drills - Perridge Estate)

*Week 18 - Ex Second Empire (section & tp level attacks, tp fighting patrols & ambushes - Woodbury Common)

*Week 19 - Underslung-Grenade Launcher (UGL) training, 94 mm LAW training (currently GPMG training), R & I/Adventure Training (Devon/Wales), BPT

*Week 20 - Ex Dorset Leap (Tp level patrolling test ex - Bov Training Area)

*Week 21 - BPT, 94 mm LAW training (currently GPMG training), defence lectures, NBC

*Week 22 - BPT pass out, NBC, Ex Rorke's Drift (dig & defence ex including NBC)

*Week 23 - Ex Violent Entry (OBUA Ex - Sennybridge)


*Week 24 - LMG (MINIMI) training, Endurance Course acquaint

*Week 25 - 12 mile load carry, amphibious training (Poole), LMG firing & APWA

Module 5 - Commando Course

"To confirm a recruit is professionally prepared for service in an operational unit, is at a Commando level of fitness and has the requisite qualities of determination, courage, unselfishness, professional skill & cheerfulness under adversity"

*Week 26 - 6 mile speed march, cliff assault & rope techniques (Foggin Tor), water obstacle crossing, Tarzan & Assault Course instruction, Final Exercise

*Week 27 - Final Exercise, specialisations lectures/DSS


*Week 28 - ECDL computing, Tarzan & Assault & Endurance Course run throughs, drill

*Week 29 - Field Firing Ex 1 (individual & fire team level live firing - Dartmoor)

*Week 30 - Field Firing Ex 2 (section & troop level live firing - Dartmoor), Endurance Course pass out

*Week 31 - Commando Tests, ECDL computing, drill

Module 6 - King's Squad Pass Out Week

"To Pass Out a recruit for duty in a fitting manner"

*Week 32 - King's Squad Pass Out Parade & leaving admin

:In 1918, King George V visited the Royal Marines depot at Deal in Kent, where he inspected the recruit squads. To mark this visit, the King directed that the senior recruit squad of each intake should be known as The King's Squadron, a tradition that continues to the present.

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